Profiles of Valor:USA Sgt. Clemens

PatriotPost.US, 08-37 On 15 November 2006, United States Army First Sergeant Michael Clemens was participating in day four of Operation Turki Bowl, a mission to clear a volatile area in Iraq of jihadis and weapons. Clemens spotted a group of insurgents in a village ahead, along with a large truck filled with weapons. He called in air support, which destroyed the target. By radio, Clemens then received word that the commanding officer of his unit and several others had been wounded when an IED struck their vehicle. Clemens assumed leadership of the unit and moved to secure the area of the attack. He coordinated with superiors, and called in air support and rescue helicopters, allowing the mission to continue, as well as care for the wounded. Two counterattacks were repelled and 12 enemy fighters killed. All but one American soldier survived. For his command under fire and operational success, Clemens was awarded the Bronze Star with combat “V” for valor.