Commentary by Linda: Why Liberalism is the Dark Spirit of Totalitarianism

In the course of a debate between myself and a Liberal, I asked him to tell me what he believes is the primary source of suffering and evil.  He responded "...genetic inheritance is what we consist of, it is what forms our systems--we are a product of our ancestors physically and socially..."  In translation, this means that mankind evolved and/or emerged out of Nature; he is 'born good;' evil exists within external unseen forces of nature such as genes and the systems caused by genetic inheritance and man is fully caused and determined by these unseen forces.  In other words, man lacks free will and is therefore a puppet whose strings are controlled by genes and genetic systems.


Paul tells us that in the history of the world, there have only existed  two religious systems, hence all belief systems are the outworkings of either one or the other.  Paul describes these two religions like this: "Either man worships and serves creation, or he worships and serves the Creator of creation."  The former is monism (paganism) and the latter in its highest form, is Christian theism, on which our Constitutional Republic is built.   These two systems are as unlike as oil and water, dark and light, atomized-man and individual man, slavery for the masses and individual liberty for all.


Paganism observed CS Lewis, is the mindset man automatically falls back into when he rejects Yahweh and Biblical theism.    Subsequently, the answer given by the Liberal is really nothing but pagan fatalism reinvented and made palatable for moderns.  


Because pagans believed that Nature was their creator, they believed as a consequence that they were merely extensions of Nature.  In short, in that they were atomized, they were 'one with' everything else in Nature.  This belief--'oneness'- is the core of Monism.  In this view, mankind is 'one with' insects, fish, lizards, and animals.  Today's monism is the basis of the animal rights movement, the Great Apes project, green environmentalism, sustainable development systems, and Gaia worship and its adjunct belief---global warming.


A further consequence of 'oneness,' is the belief that long before a person's birth, his destiny has been  fully determined or predestined by unseen forces of nature, which ancient pagans from the Babylonians to the Greeks and to the Romans, personalized as the planets (ie., Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn)  Sun, Moon, Stars and other deities of Nature. 


Unseen forces were further thought of as the Fates, Furies, and Nemesis in that they represented a person's ironclad, inescapeable predestination, that is, pagan man lacks lack free will (a concept unique to Biblical theism),and is therefore, entirely helpless before the Fates, Furies, and Nemesis. In this view, man is no more responsible for the evil that he does than he is for the good that he does.  Man is really just a puppet whose strings are controlled by unseen forces of nature.


In the ancient pagan State, slavery was the unlucky predestination of approximately 3/4's of the ancients----they were the ones who suffered great anguish, as it was their ironclad Fate to be born subhumans who must live and die as slaves.  Only about 5% enjoyed freedom---they were the 'predestined' lucky ones---many of these people sufferedprimarily from an over-abundance of narcissism, envy, covetousness, greed, wrath, and paranoia, particularly the ones who set themselves up as gods. And as all of their dark emotions and impulses were viewed as the outworkings of Nature---before which man is helpless--- the 5% held themselves innocent of all evil. Slavery, for instance, was not the fault of the 5%, but the fault of the deities.


From the days of Nimrod (Gilgamesh) to the days of the Romans and on into modern times to Marxist Communism, Progressive Fascism and National Socialism, the spirit of monism has been both elitist and totalitarian.   

Unlike the ancients, today's Liberal pagan materialists (ie., atheists, Marxist Communists)  and pantheists (ie., New Age, Liberal Progressives, Secular Humanists) are fully aware that they do in fact possess free will, thus they find themselves in the uncomfortable position of having to willfully deny its reality.  In short, they are forced into lying to themselves in order that they can then further deceive themselves into the belief that they are helplessly controlled by genetics and genetically caused systems, the modern version of the Fates, Furies, and Nemesis, or Planets, Sun, Moon, Stars, and other nature deities.  In short, Liberals are forced to live a lie.  Liberal feminists calling themselves goddesses  and 'gays' for example, take refuge in Liberal monism, for  while it justifies their bad behaviors and their narcissism on the one hand, it finds them innocent of all sin on the other.  

Natural Selection is Liberalism's 'goddess of predestination.'  The goddess bestows 'luck' upon a chosen few---the 'naturally selected ones' who believe they are the Highly Evolved elites while  conservatives, fundies, Kulaks, bourgeoisie, imbeciles, and rednecks in America's great flyover, are the 'unlucky' or unevolved, and like ancient slaves, must either be eradicated or forced into submission, as occured most dramatically and catastrophically in the Soviet Union.   


Not surprisingly, Liberals--like their ancient counterparts-- suffer hugely from narcissism, covetousness, envy, lust, wrath, and paranoia while conservatives---who in general can admit to their imperfections-- their sin---most generally do not.   The former,  who narcissistically measure all people by themselves, are incapable of understanding conservatives.   But then, Liberals are in denial of reality. Paganism has always been  conducive to elitism and totalitarianism, which is really the dark spirit of inflated narcissism, covetousness, wrath, envy, and paranoia.   History's long line of materialist and pantheist monists, from Nimrod to the Pharoahs, Caligula, and Nero to their modern counterparts, Auguste Comte,  Karl Marx, Friedrich Nietzsche, Trotsky, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and Pol Pot are living proof. 


In conclusion: Monist Liberalism is the dark spirit of elitism and totalitarianism.