Commentary by Linda: Liberalism's Dark Unnatural Utopian Fantasy

In an online Liberal forum, an 'out-and-proud' Liberal gay told a male conservative, " I am more man than you'll ever be...and more woman than you'll ever have."


What this 'gay' really is, is a sexually and morally confused male.    Captive to dark impulses and emotions, he  imagines himself to be something he is not.  He is like a little boy playing the pretend game in which he is really superman rather than just a little boy.  As long as his playmates agree to play along by suspending reality in order that they may enter into the little boy's fantasy, fantasy becomes reality and the little boy can be superman. 


All children play the 'pretend game.'  It's part of childhood and growing up.  And though all adults may sometimes seek escape from the harshness of reality through daydreams or fantasy, ultimately we must live within reality and conform ourselves to the way in which it works.


American Liberalism is in essence, a yearning to escape reality and instead, dwell in a fantasy realm.  Liberalism evolved out of Progressive Fascism, one of the twentieth century's totalitarian religions spawned by the French Revolution.  The two others were Marxist Communism and National Socialism.  These religions were part ideology and part fantasy.


 At the deepest level of all they were expressions of despair, resentment, and rebellion.  Despair with and resentment over man's mortality, the human condition (man's sin nature and conscience), the created order of being (ie., He made them male and female), objective truth and universal  moral absolutes, virtue, judgement, heaven, and hell.  Despair and resentment found outward expression in revolutionary doctrines, rebellion, destruction, violence, and murder.  In short, the rebellion was, and remains to this day, against objective truth and reality.  


The utopia dreamed of by the revolutionaries is a place unspeakably unnatural.  In the reimagined order of perfection, mankind's sin nature (Hyde) has been reconciled with his better nature (Dr. Jekyl), hence man now stands beyond good and evil. There is no sin since there is no longer good and evil.  Dr. Jekyl and the evil Mr. Hyde have become 'one.'  In the sinless, perfected utopia, man can escape the created order of being just by reimagining and/or reinventing himself, therefore, for instance, adrogyny, homosexuality, pedophilia, pederasty, and sadomasochism are the norms and the two sexes and morality are abnormal.  Now man can become superman, god, goddesses, powerful witches, magicians---the imagination is his only limit.  Procreation, monogamy, fidelity, and the traditional family are no longer necessary to mankind's survival, for through the magic of technology and science man will finally gain boundless 'free love,' immortality and salvation. 


Resentment of and rebellion against objective reality is not a new thing but a very ancient thing.  Shortly after the cutain arose on history in the post-deluvian world, Nimrod---offended by mortality and the created order of being, and gnawed by narcissism, covetousness, greed, and envy--- declared the death of God and then set himself up as God.  He would tear down the existing order and create a New Order to his satisfaction.


Totalitarian tactics, such as terror, intimidation, and lying became immediately neccessary in order to force all of the people to enter into his fantasy, or at least to behave as though they believed that Nimrod was really a god and not simply a mortal, as they were.   


It should come as no surprise to learn that the Evil Eye superstition arose during this time, or that other mortals---in pursuit of personal power---reimagined themselves as magicians, wizards, and so forth.


In modern times the primary God-killers, August Comte, Karl Marx, and Friedrich Nietzsche, reenacted Nimrod's role when they arbitrarily announced the death of God.  It is not true that they disbelieved in His existence, but rather the reverse.  They believed that He existed, but their inflated narcissism and envy were such that they wanted to become gods themselves.  The 'will to power' fueling Nietzsche's fantasy was his desire to become a superman.  Comte's envy of Jesus Christ was such that he could barely utter the name of Jesus.  His imagination's desire was that he be exalted as the Pope of Positivism.  Karl Marx was truly demonic.  His imagination's desire was luridly expressed in his Luciferian poems, where he usurps God's throne and destroys the entire creation and damns everyone to hell.


This mad, escapist utopianism---the dark fantasy of unnaturalness-- is alive and thriving right here in America.  It is political correctness, speech codes, hate crime laws, and multiculturalism.  It is the reappearance of feminist goddesses, 'gay' shamans, witches, and an ever-expanding menu of reimagined beings.  It is the vicious attacks against traditional marriage.  It is abortion and euthanasia. It is the malice-driven conditioning of our youth to hate their parents, country, and God, and to accept as 'good,' promiscuity, porn, 'gayness,' abortion, and other evils. It is  the 'gay' agenda, which is really an attempt at erasing the two sexes.


The vicious attacks against Sarah Palin---a woman who lives within and conforms to reality---finally comes into focus when we understand that Liberalism is the rejection of and rebellion against objective truth and reality.