Commentary by Linda: Abortion and the Abolition of Man

When our US Supreme Court made abortion the law of the land, its reasoning was based not on America's founding Christian worldview and its subsequent view of man, but rather on the ancient pagan view of mankind.  In that view, man is essentially an animal, a type of subhuman parasite living off of its creator---irrational Nature.  In this view, all types of population control---from abortion, infanticide, eugenics, and human sacrifice---were seen as necessary social goods.

America's founding view of man was praised by the French aristocrat and historian Alexis d'Tocqueville as being the most radically enlightened view of man ever heard of in the long-suffering history of the world. 


In this view, man--far from being a subhuman parasite---is made in the spiritual image of his Creator.  Hence the life of each and every person being sacred, murder is a high crime worthy of capital punishment and abortion a social evil unless the life of the mother is in question. 


In that man is endowed with innate dignity and value, man therefore possesses an inalienable (God-given) right to life and liberty.   By extension of this reasoning, human life is good thus procreation  is good.  And since procreation leads to the continuity of the community---which is also good---then procreation and not abortion, is a social good. 

When abortion was made the law of our land, it had the effect of pushing aside our founding view of man and thereby opening the door to the undermining of our inalienable rights.    In effect, the power to define man was taken from God and transferred to corruptible man, who proceeded to redefine man in accordance with neo-pagan evolutionary scientism.  In this debased view, man is nothing but an impulse-driven animal.  With irrational Nature reinstated as man's creator, human life no longer possesses innate dignity, value, nor inalienable rights.  This so-called 'enlightened' 'scientific view' is simply a reinvention of the ancient pagan view.   

It is possible for us to track the downward-spiraling effects wrought by the corrupting influence the legalization of abortion has been having on our rights and freedoms.  From the ousting of God and prayer from our schools and their replacement by evolutionary theory, to the ongoing sexualization of our children to the fairly recent Kelo decision, a blatant power-grab fueled by the elitist notion that 'we the people' are nothing but a mindless herd of animals. Additionally, our freedom of speech is disappearing under speech codes, hate crime laws, and political correctness while the legalization of sodomy works to blur the male-femal distinctions.  

Ideas have consequences.  America was founded on a specific set of ideas whose outworkings led to the freest, most advanced civilization this long-suffering world had ever seen.   By this we can see that America's founding ideas were good.    But not all ideas are good.  Some are bad--even evil--as can be seen by their outworkings.  The pernicious ideas known collectively as Liberalism, Progressivism, Socialism, Marxist Communism and Secular Humanism stand exposed as intellectually and morally bankrupt neo-paganism reinvented, disguised as science, and thus made palatable to the modern Western mind.   Through the stealthy injection of these destructive ideas into America's blood-stream, they efficiently sweep away our founding ideas with all of the social goods they have rendered unto us.  The overall effect this has is to make traditional-values America disappear. 


A revolution is being conducted against us.  But we cannot see the revolutionists because they are not people but pernicious ideas.  Hence the battle that rages is for control of the mind.