Commentary: Liberalism's Wrathful Evil Eye

In his article, "Congrats Dems, the Smears and Sneers are Working--for Palin," author Jeff Jacoby cites some recent examples of Liberalism's murderous filth-flinging assault on Palin, among which are:

"On the website of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, commentator Heather Mallick was even cruder. Palin appeals to "the white trash vote" with her "toned-down version of the porn actress look," she wrote. "Husband Todd looks like a roughneck. . . What normal father would want Levi 'I'm a [bleeping] redneck' Johnson prodding his daughter?""From radio talk-show host Randi Rhodes came the smutty suggestion that the governor of Alaska has an unhealthy interest in teenage boys: "She's friends with all the teenage boys," Rhodes told her audience last week. "You have to say no when your kids say, 'Can we sleep over at the Palins?' No! NO!"


American Liberalism is a neo-pagan religious and ideological heir of the virulently anti-God and Christian French Revolution.   The French Revolution's immediate spawn were National Socialism (Nazism), Marxist Communism, and American Progressive Fascism, which first came to power under Woodrow Wilson.  These totalitarian religions held out to their followers the seductive promise of a 'kingdom of heaven' on earth.  All the followers had to do was blindly hate, destroy the existing order,  and be willing to kill anyone perceived as an enemy of the heaven-on-earth project.


As the followers of these three religions had been liberated from overarching moral authority and thus had no fear of 'hell below us,' in the words of John Lennon, they made their own rules and did whatever was right in their own minds.  As a consequence, they did not hesitate to liquidate millions of people, all judged and condemned to death as 'enemies' standing in the way of the 'kingdom of heaven' on earth project.


 Today's Liberalism is an admixture of leftist liberation theology and the three totalitarian religions. In practical terms, Liberalism is a type of polytheism---every man is a god and the creator of his own morality and truth.  Other words for this are positivism and Postmodernism. 


The dark heart of Liberalism then, is complete and utter selfishness  and envy (narcissism).  Narcissism and envy are called diabolicism.  Ancient Greeks called it 'poneros' and the Evil Eye, among other things. 


America's Liberals perceive Sarah Palin, orthodox Christians, and conservatives as standing in the way of their promised land--the 'kingdom of heaven' on earth.  Additionally, their narcissism, greed, covetousness, and wrath being hugely inflated, many Liberals are now diabolical, the authors of the quotes cited by Jacoby serving as examples of this.   In 'The Lord of the Rings," JR Tolkien portrays such 'fallen' diabolical individuals in a variety of guises: Gollom, the Orcs, Grimma Wormtongue, and Sauron, the Evil Eye of Envy.   All of these beings were diabolical, some more extreme than others.


Liberals are a paranoid, sad, twisted, sick, pathetic, narcissistic bunch.  At the  deepest level of all, they hate and fear what they've become, yet at the same time they refuse to accept personal responsibility for the many abuses of free will that have led them into this dark state of affairs.   They desperately want to escape the wrath of their own guilty consciences, and their Mephistophelian pride (narcissism) whispers to them that escape comes through transferral of their guilt onto scapegoats---Sarah Palin, orthodox Christians, and conservatives.  Now as a consequence, everywhere they look they see their own hate-filled diabolical reflections looking back at them out of the faces of Sarah Palin, orthodox Christians, and conservatives.  Believing in their warped souls that if only they can destroy the scapegoats they will finally be happy, they freely vent their twisted murderous fury on them. 


 In the Soviet Union, millions of scapegoats were liquidated, but their deaths did not lead to the happiness and utopian kingdom of heaven on earth promised by Mephistopheles, for he is a liar.   Instead of heaven on earth, they found themselves in a sulpherous hell on earth. And in instead of happiness, they discovered to their great distress that they had become murderers.