Commentary by Linda: What is Liberalism?

Liberals paint themselves as 'secular,'  'enlightened,' 'scientific,' and 'progressive.'  'Enlightened' Liberals think mankind has grown up and no longer needs God.  Belief in the Biblical God they claim, is nothing but a superstitious holdover from our pre-scientific past and the only people still clinging to belief in God are backwards, ignorant rednecks and Jesus-freaks in America's great 'flyover,' the backwoods-cesspit derogatorily called Jesusland by Liberals.  


However, is Liberalism really everything it claims to be?  That is, is it  really secular, scientific, forwardlooking, and enlightened?  The answer on all counts, is 'No."   The spirit of Liberalism, as it turns out, is neo-pagan, and it longs to escape to our past.


In light of this, today's Liberalism is an admixture of Marxism and Progressive Fascism, two of the three  totalitarian religions of the 20th century.  The third was Hitler's National Socialism.  All three were spawned by the virulently anti-God and Church neo-pagan French Revolution. 


 In his book, "Liberal Fascism," historian Jonah Goldberg reveals that the very first totalitarian regime of the 20th century was established right here in America under Woodrow Wilson and expanded under FDR.   These early Progressives openly boasted of their fascism until Hitler's evils were revealed, after which Progressives disguised themselves as Liberals. 

The seeds of the French Revolution were sown during the Middle Ages in Christendom.  It was then said Richard Weaver, author of "Ideas Have Consequences," that Western man made an evil decision: to reject God, the supernatural, immutable truths, Original Sin, free will, unchanging universal moral law, and man's created order of being. These ideas, collectively known as Christian theism, gave rise---among other things--- to the concepts of the individual, individual rights, and private property, all of which our Constitutional Republic is firmly grounded on.  In short,  the French Revolution and its spawn rabidly reject the ideas, or Christian-based worldview, on which the West and America were founded. 


So then, exactly what is Liberalism? Paul tells us there are only two religions, and every religion throughout history is either one or the other.  He describes them like this: Man will either worship and serve irrational creation (nature) or he will worship and serve the rational Creator of creation.  Monism ('all is one,' or pagainsm) is the name of the former, while Christian theism is the highest form of the latter.  In rejecting Christian theism, French Revolutionaries embraced the only alternative---monism, which in turn, has two faces: materialism (all is one with matter) and pantheism (all is one with God). 


Because monism is the antithesis, or complete opposite, of Christian theism, its effect is to erase all of the distinctions in the created order of being.  For example, the distinction between God and His creation is erased, the result being that God becomes 'one with' creation.  In practical terms, this means that God is depersonalized and reduced to a Force manipulable by alchemists, wizards, godmen, witches, and today's technology and scientistic wizards.   Likewise, the distinction between mankind and creation is erased.   Consequently, whereas Christian theism teaches that man is separate from nature,  has dominion over it and salvation is for the individual, monism erases those distinctions, submerges mankind into 'oneness' with irrational nature and teaches that salvation is for the divinized god-State into which mankind---now nothing but an atomized mass---has been submerged.  Statism, collectivism, communism, and socialism are simply political expressions of 'oneness,' and all of these political systems finally come into focus when we understand that Liberalism is monism and seeks to submerge individuals into 'oneness' with Nature. 


The consequences wrought by monism are catastrophic, for monism erases every individual attribute that allows for individual freedoms and liberties within a system of self-government: individual mind, individual conscience, and individual free will.  Man's individuality having been drowned in 'oneness' with nature, man must now submit to the dictates of irrational Nature, and its laws.  And who conditions him to accept the demands of irrational Nature?  A small, but powerful group of people who view themselves as an 'enlightened,' avant garde.  These people function as adepts, spiritual guides, and absolute rulers, for in monistic societies, there is no separation of religion and state as that distinction as well has been erased.  Religion and State are 'one,' thus atomized masses belong to the all-powerful divinized-State, a totalitarian theocracy representing the 'collective' political and religious  mind, conscience, and will of Nature. 


The erasure of distinctions does not stop there however, for 'oneness' demands a unisex being where once there were two sexes, male and female.  And where there is but one unisex being, all behaviors---no matter how unnatural and repugnant--- are permissable while Christian theism's immutable truths, concepts, distinctions, and moral prohibitions against perversion are bigotted, hateful, and intolerant.



It was during Wilson's regime that the necessary weakening and undermining of our Constitutional Republic and worldview was begun in concert with the building up of a framework for the New Progressive Communist America based on monism and collectivism.   Progressive Fascists were aided in this effort by fellow-travelers, that is, by Secular Humanists, Fabianists, Marxist Communists, and other revolutionaries.  Yet perhaps the most effective of these revolutionaries were neo-pantheistic Liberal theologians, who openly preached the new message of salvation:  Salvation is not for the individual but for the State.  In this initial foundation-building, Christianity--- stripped of its transcendentals---was used as a political religion.  Today however,, New Age, a syncretized United Religions Initiative and an 'emerging' postmodern Christianity have taken the place of politicized Christianity.


Early Progressive Fascists were monistic, Darwinian, capitalistic, imperialistic, racist, militant, theocratic, and warlike.  In pursuit of breeding a new and perfected Superman, these early Progressives devised a double-sided eugenics program for this purpose.  One side promoted the breeding of Supermen by those deemed the most highly evolved while the other side promoted abortion and homosexuality for the undesirables, at that time,  Catholics, Irish, Italians, and blacks.  Hitler and Tojo so admired this program that they sent fact-finders to our country for the purpose of studying it.  Hitler's own program was as a result, based on America's eugenics program.  It was only after Hitler's evils were exposed to the world that Progressives hurriedly sent their own program into hiding. Disguised as PlannedParenthood, family planning, and sex-education paired with condoms distribution and homosexuality (represented by GLSEN in our schools),  it operates still today.


Progressive deception did not stop there though.  Under advisement from Stalin and America's Communist Party USA, Progressives completely transferred their sins onto the newly emerging Conservative movement, which had come to life as a reaction against monism and its totalitarian religions.  

Still today, the defenders of America's founding worldview and system---Conservatives and orthodox Christians---are hated, feared, and reviled as the perpetrators of the evils committed by Progressive Fascists and their fellow monists.  In practice, it is Conservatives and orthodox Christians who are constanly demonized as racists, fascists, imperialists, haters, bigots, theocrats, and on and on, ad nauseum.


Is it not time for every good man to make known the Truth?  Only Truth will set us free, and if we must, then let us shout it from the rooftops.