Commentary by Linda: Why The Left Doesn't Want our X-boxes

For almost one-hundred years, the Progressive Left has been busily engaged in undermining and gutting our founding documents and America's social, political, and cultural infrastructures.  Toward this end, they've managed to marginalize the Declaration of Independence---the charter document---and to cleverly infiltrate new and alien meaning into our Constitution.   Whereas originally, individual rights were the norm, group rights are now the new norm.  And where each and every human life possesses an inalienable right to life was the norm, the new norm is the right to kill human life by way of euthanasia, abortion. and the abominable partial birth abortion.  Of primary concern to the Left though, is our Second Amendment right to own weapons.


Despite these ominous signs, there are--very incredibly--- those who have expressed to me their fear that should the Left ever succeed in fully taking over our country, they will take our x-boxes and 'toys' away from us. 


Fear not, they don't want our x-boxes.  Nor do they covet our mind-and-soul numbing entertainment.


What they want are our guns, for a defenseless people are a helpless people. What they definitely don't want are our x-boxes, MTV, porn, drugs, sado-masochistic Jerry Springer programs, slut-and-pedo-chic clothes, and vile rap, for these things are modernity's version of yesterday's Roman 'bread and circuses.' 


Various Progressives and their ilk predicted long ago that Westerners would be 'put to sleep' and enslaved through 'sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll,' and the sleepers would never dream that they had in fact become slaves.   


 Those predictions came true. For today we are for the most part, an immoral people whose ongoing mind-conditioning comes by way of a dumbed-down, pornographic, propaganda-spewing media and entertainment.  And while we've been sleeping, our so-called universities and schools have become little more than transmission belts for the proselytizing of socialism, moral confusion, hate, paranoia, fear, and pantheism. 


Our founders long ago warned Americans that only a God-fearing, virtuous people can remain a free people, for the determined practice of moral virtue leads to self-control and hence liberty, while the giving in to base impulses and passions leads to lack of impulse-control and hence slavery.    Yet today, we are an obscenity-spewing sex-obsessed people, and the name Jesus Christ is for all too many, the obscenity of choice.  

As we watch and wait in trepidation, wondering if our fellow Americans will be so foolish as to vote for Obama---the most Progressive Leftist in Congress---  we need to realize that our greatest enemy is ourselves.  For when we allow ourselves to fall into ingnorance, apathy,fear, dependency, irreligion, materialism, and immorality, we fall right into slavery, both spiritual and physical.  Our own freely chosen follies and conceits will be our downfall.