Jellybellyism: Liberalism's Grandiose Schemes


I confess. Bono reminds me of Mrs. Jellyby. Does the name ring a bell?
Do laugh. In The Politically Incorrect Guide to Western Civilization Anthony Esolen writes (268):   
[Charles] Dickens is savage in his satire against the liberal penchant for “helping” a faraway and disincarnate Mankind. In Bleakhouse, the tireless solicitor of charitable contributions, Mrs. Jellyby, pesters her fellow citizens to pledge money to assist the natives of Borioboola-Gha, as place as wild as its name, somewhere in the heart of Africa. What are the citizens paying for, you may ask? Why, “the general cultivation of the coffee berry – and the natives – and the happy settlement, on the banks of the African rivers, of our superabundant home population.”
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