Commentary by Linda: Liberalism's Gnostic Dualism

Modernity's gnosticism is paganism (nature religion), dressed up as science and secularism, behind which lurks Liberalism, Marxism, and fascism.  Paganism in turn, is monism, which simply means that 'all is one' with irrational nature.   Irrational nature is the 'creator' and all things---mankind, insects, rocks, cow dung, and cancer, for instance, are simply tiny parts of the 'creator.'  In this system, the individual person, along with the individual mind, spirit, conscience, and will, do not and cannot exist, for in that 'all is one,' all that exists is the collective will, mind, and conscience of irrational divine nature, which in antiquity, most generally found expression through the pagan's Divinized State.  Modernity's version of the divinized State is totalist or collectivist government.  Totalitarianism, in other words.   In antiquity, the divinized state was controlled by an 'elite' (godmen, divinators, magicians, wizards, etc) who claimed to possess the mystical ability to interact with and know the  'will, mind, and conscience' of divine Nature.  Though modernity's version of antiquity's godmen have thus far not called themselves 'gods,' with enough power and hubris (pride and envy) they will.  Obama, for instance, already alludes to himself as a messiah. Good and evil are portrayed by gnostic dualism as two equally powerful and eternally co-existing forces.  In other words, in that the individual does not exist, neither does the individual sinner, therefore during antiquity, good and evil were assigned to abstract, impersonal Forces thought of as Fates, Furies, Nemesis and celestial bodies such as Jupiter, Venus, and Mars.  These 'Forces' caused man to commit evil; man is not personally responsible.

Modern gnostics view the Biblical God as the primary Force and/or source of suffering and evil.  To simplify this view, everything created by Yahweh and pronounced 'good'----procreation, traditional family, sexual ethics such as monogamy, universal morality, the created order of being, eternal and unchanging spirit, the individual, etc---are evil and everything pronounced evil by Yahweh is good.  Hence the created order of being---the two sexes male and female for instance---is completely disordered, according to gnostics.  In place of the two sexes there should be one unisex or androgynous being, which naturally makes all sexual impulses good and monogamy bad. 

A repentant Marxist, Alexander Solzhenitsyn became one of the 20th century's greatest Christian apologists.  In his analysis of the Soviet Union, he reveals that Marxism is gnostic dualism.  It's through the lens of monism and gnostic dualism that both the Soviet Union's catastrophic evils and Liberalism's demonic mendacity and bizarre political 'isms'---capitalism, heteronormativism, economic determinism, multiculturalism, etc---come into focus.  For instance, in light of our current economic crisis, we hear Liberals placing blame on 'capitalism.'  So what is capitalism?

The answer is twofold: First, capitalism exists as a reality no more than does the proletariat, the worker's paradise, or the New Man who was supposed to populate the worker's paradise or utopia.  All of these constructs were concocted within the imagination of Karl Marx, father of scientific socialism and author of the Communist Manifesto.  Karl Marx was a myth-maker, and capitalism, the proletariat, and the worker's paradise were important elements of Marx's myth.

Second, as explained previously, Marxism is neo-pagan gnostic dualism.  In this variation, 'all is one' with irrational dialectical matter--- Marx's deified matter---rather than nature or cosmos.  

In other words, the individual man is submerged and lost within dialectical matter, of which he is but a 'part' as a drop of water is but a part of an ocean.  The opposing forces of good and evil find expression in  large abstract nonliving 'entities' such as history, earth (or Gaia), classes or species of man such as Kulaks, capitalists and bourgeoisie, or in Liberalism's version: whites, straights, orthodox Christians, capitalists, and Conservatives, collectively called  'Right-Wing" conspiracists, middle-class, or private sector.

Additionally, the traditional family, Ten Commandments, Christmas, Easter, sexual ethics, universal morality, private property, free markets, etc. are all viewed as evils.  In pursuit of eliminating these evils, Liberals allow themselves to commit evil on behalf of "the common good."  In short, they commit evils such as subverting and perverting America's youth---through GLSEN, sex education, indoctrinating youth to hate their parents, our nation, and so on---because the middle class is a Force of Evil.  It exists only because of America's founding Christian worldview, which likewise gave birth to the concepts of the individual, free markets, and private property   Since all of these things are Forces of Evil, they must be destroyed. 

All of this is nothing more than dangerous pagan superstition dressed up as science and secularism.  A variation of this superstitious belief is applied by Progressives to our Constitution, which they believe is a 'living, evolving" entity whose mystical meaning can only be discerned by mystical adepts such as themselves.

Under Lenin and then Stalin---who represented the Forces of Good--- whole 'classes' of people---Kulaks, bourgeoisie, and Christians, for instance--- were liquidated because they were viewed, not as individual sinners, but  as Forces of Evil.  

In summary, where as ancient pagans viewed large bodies such as the planets, mountains, and earth as 'living mystical entities,' today's neo-pagans view large entities such as 'government,' the earth or Gaia, and even our Constitution as living, mystical entities, which explains why Liberals believe that totalist or collectivist government is 'good,' and limited government---the Conservative view---is bad.  

Because Liberalism views itself as a Force of Good, fighting evil becomes a matter of undermining and destroying by any means, all Forces of Evil:  Christianity, traditional family, sexual ethics, private property, and so on.   By extension of the logic of gnostic dualism, committing evil in the war against the Forces of Evil is a moral good.  Thus the Forces of Good (Liberals and their ilk) believe---just like Harry Potter, who is also a gnostic dualist---that it is righteous to lie, deceive, confuse, cheat, desecrate,  blaspheme, destroy, and hate.  

Unless we who call ourselves Christians and Conservatives, gain a good understanding of the dynamics of gnostic dualism, we will not be effective in the war that rages between ourselves and Liberals.