Commentary by Linda: Immutable Truth vs Liberalism's Superstition and Moral Relativism

Unlike Barack Obama, Barney Franks, and other Liberals,  Sarah Palin's truth claims are firmly grounded on God's  eternally unchanging, universal and immutable truth, moral law, and created order of being---the two sexes (male and female) for instance.  In our Declaration of Independence---the charter document of our Constitution and Bill of Rights---these truths are described as enduring principles declared  inalienable precisely because they come from God and not man.    In short, Palin doesn't simply 'make things up' dependant upon whim and momentary need as she goes along.   Instead, she stands firmly on principle.   However 'making things up' is precisely what Liberals do, for in that Liberalism evolved out of the French Enlightenment's 'God-is-dead-and- utopian-religious' movement, Liberailsm possesses no unchanging foundation for its truth claims.  In practical terms, man does whatever he feels is best.  This belief is called 'moral relativism.'   For example, the championing of 'gay' rights is ultimately rooted in the notion that because 'God is dead,' there is no created order of being.  If evolution is true, reason Liberals, and everything happens by chance and without purpose, then who is to say that there are only two sexes?  Because evolution is a creative process in motion, Liberalism believes there are at present at least fourteen genders, and who knows how many more might even now be in the process of evolving?  Thus, anyone who claims there are only two sexes  is simply a bigot and a hater, say Liberals.  As well, Liberalism's determined assault against traditional marriage and family also derives from the "God-is-dead-and-evolution-is-true' view.  Traditional marriage with its monogamy requirement, is simply oppressive, intolerant, bigotted, and backwards.   The 'enlightened' view of marriage sees it as an open-affair geared toward the 'new reality' of fourteen genders and those that are in the process of evolution.   Additionally, since God is dead, Liberalism believes that highly-evolved  'elite' and/or godlike men can reengineer and 'perfect' mankind as well as build a heaven on earth.    In order for Christians and Conservatives to effectively fight Liberalism, they need to gain understanding of two key issues. These are:

1. Liberalism's bizarre claims and political policies come into focus in the light of neopaganism, or nature worship.  The foundational claim of evolution is that all life and nonlife (the cosmos and the world) is part of nature (or matter), hence irrational nature (or matter) is Supreme and Sovereign and it is proper and right therefore, that man be in submission to nature.   It is only in this light that Liberalism's 'culture of death' policies such as abortion, family planning, partial birth abortion, eugenics,  and euthanasia---as in the murder of Terri Schiavo---make sense.  For if man is really just a subhuman parasite living off of his 'creator'---which is how the ancient pagans viewed the 'masses'--- then it makes sense that 'parasite control' programs be enacted.

2. In the absence of a transcendant unchanging foundation for truth and morality, Liberal truth and moral claims are baseless.  In reality, they are nothing more than manifestations of selfishness and vengeance-seeking--- politicized and legalized.  In essence, they can best be charcterized as whimsy, caprice, resentment, egotism (pride/narcissism), lust for power, hedonism, hatred, and envy.

Liberalism bills itself as forward-looking (progressive), enlightened, and scientific.  Truth reveals otherwise, for Liberalism is regressive in that it seeks escape from God by fleeing to our pagan past.  And it is neither enlightened nor scientific but rather, irrational, superstitious, and totalitarian.