Commentary by Linda: Spellbound by Evil

Solomon observed that there is nothing new under the sun; what once was will be again.  In other words, history must not be forgotten, for it is a storefull of wisdom.  To forget history is folly.   A modern sage paraphrased Solomon, saying, 'he who forgets history is doomed to repeat it.'  In my debates with Liberals I often call upon the wisdom of history, which almost always elicits a response like the following:  "your faux pedantics impress no one but you and a few other reactionaries who prefer to live with the ignorance of the past."

This Liberal's response is not borne of common sense, which in reality is the accumulated wisdom forged through the unfolding of history and  trial and error by which mankind learns what works and what does not work.  Though the Liberal truly believes his response arises from enlightened reasoning and science, it is in reality nothing more than carefully scripted 'politically correct' thought born during the 'God is dead' movement of the French Enlightenment and continuously fed to him and all Americans by way of our corrupted cultural and social institutions.       

When the French Enlightenment's  bearded God-killers---most notably Comte, Marx, and Nietzsche---decided both to make God's death a 'truth' and to craft their own utopian 'scientific' religions,  they realized that history must be placed off-bounds lest anyone discover the truth and wisdom it records.   What will history reveal to us when we peer into its record?  History records a long line of diabolicists----beginning at the dawn of history with Gilgamesh (Amraphel and Nimrod in the OT)---usurping God's throne.   It's precisely because the bearded God-killers aspired to set themselves up as all-powerful godmen and supermen---Marx for instance, 'spills the beans' in his hate-fueled satanic poems--- that the door to history must be slammed shut and locked.

It was Nietzsche who boldly declared both the death of God and history.   From this time forward he said, philosophers, biblical scholars, priests, academicians, and all other like-minded conspirators whose calling is to shape, mold, and maintain culture, must instead subvert their calling, and use it to mislead, confuse, attack, destroy, undermine, and control through psychological bullying, that is, through humiliation, scapegoating, namecalling, character assassination, shame, and so forth.   Lies, suggested Nietzsche, can become the new 'truth.'   History, like God is now 'dead' he said; we have killed both and they must remain dead.  Anyone who dares peer into history must henceforth be smeared and humiliated as, in the words of my Liberal opponent, "reactionaries who prefer to live with the ignorance of the past."

The truly wicked ones among us are too few in number to do any damage by themselves, hence they must carefully bring under their control other people to serve as their hands and mouthpieces.  They prey upon the emotionally, morally, and intellectually immature and on those bitten most deeply by pride, ambition, and envy.  In these they light the fires of greed, lust, hate, and resentment.  It's through this army of 'resenters' that command and control is acquired and maintained.  Laventi Beria was Lenin's right-hand man, and his Russian Manual of Psychopolitics is a luridly evil 'how-to' manual that provides, in chilling detail, the diabolical means of corrupting people in order to use them as tools of social and cultural destruction.  It instructs on how to pervert and subvert youth, causing them to rebel against their parents and society; and how to destroy from within an entire civilization by means of immorality, confusion, hate, envy, and so on.

There really do exist truly wicked people, and history records that they have been behind all of the world's greatest evils.   But moderns, here and throughout the West, cannot see them because they, in their spiritual blindness, no longer believe in either ojective good or objective evil.  Hence they are blind to their own everyday evils---disrespect, lies, envy, greed, promiscuity, etc-- and to the greater evils of the truly wicked.  

In referencing the spiritual blindness resulting from the outworkings of evil, the Bible uses words that mean in essence, 'spell-binding.'  As we look about ourselves in amazement, asking why so very many Americans are planning on voting for Obama despite his very public declaration of hatred for white people and for traditional-values America, coupled to his equally public announcement of his preference for jihadists and his funding of Odinga---a murderous tyrant---we now know the meaning of that phrase, for the Basilisk's Evil Eye not only spellbinds, but destroys everything on which its eye falls.