Mr. Obama's Neighborhood (of Radical Comrades)

Sen. Barack Obama, who started his political career in the living room of his friend, Marxist bomber and murderer Bill Ayers, claims that Ayers is just a “guy in my neighborhood,” not someone he really knows. 
Well, Obama’s way of phrasing this lie, this attempt to put distance between himself and his murderous political ally brings to mind another, very different, neighborhood, the one inhabited by Mr. Rogers. “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood,” which is to say, his circle of friends, includes Lady Elaine, King Friday, Mr. McFeely, and other interesting characters.  Some of them come to visit Mr. Rogers in his living room but Mr. Rogers has the decency not to claim, “Hey, I don’t know these people. They just live in my neighborhood.” But of course, Mr. Rogers’ neighbors never bombed buildings or murdered anyone in the process, either in real life or in the Land of Make Believe, so Mr. Rogers never had any reason to lie about them. After all, if Lady Elaine had planted bombs and murdered people, American mothers might think twice about letting the kiddies tune in on that particular neighborhood.
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