Personal Responsibilty and Murder by HIV in Canada

Look, pretending to be progressively minded by attempting to quell media coverage of the criminal charges in this case downplays the fact two people died horrible, lingering and undeserved deaths, not to mention the fact that 11 more people are alleged to have been assaulted by Aziga. The world media should indeed make a very big deal out of this case; we need to make examples out of people like Aziga, not automatically protect them.
Many who suffer from HIV contracted it through voluntary intravenous needle use, and many engaged in unprotected sex with people they knew were infected. Strange though it may seem, condoms and education sometimes just don’t help. But there are also many cases where bad people did precisely what Aziga is accused of doing, knowingly misleading victims and leading them to an untimely death. It’s murder, plain and simple, and why spend time or money to downplay that?
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