While You Were Sleeping: A Message to All Conservatives

2sistersfromtheright.com/ By Rich Carroll   While you were sleeping a man with far more roots to Islam and Africa has risen to our sovereign nation's pinnacle of power with a one word campaign: Change.  

You were too busy enjoying the good life of prosperity to notice his "change" would be the end of capitalism that made this nation the envy of the world to turn America into a socialist state.  

  While you were sleeping you failed to notice this candidate garnered global support and money from every terrorist Muslim organization on Earth. You were not outraged and did not demand background investigations into his ties, his citizenship, or his friends and associates.  

You kept quiet and did nothing. This same candidate could not get a job with the post office because of his terrorist and communist connections, yet you sit quietly while he "assumes" the role of President.  

While you were sleeping, the monolith of Islam has swallowed Europe, and now dictate political policy in Holland, Norway, France, England, Belgium and Switzerland. They are engulfing Germany, and the world's two largest mosques are under construction in London and Cologne that will bellow the five daily calls to prayer you will soon hear in your neighborhood.  

While you were sleeping and enjoying the luxuries of being a citizen of The United States, your children turned from God and now worship at the alter of drugs, sex, electronic gadgets, Hollywood whores and a lifestyle that continually degrades them in film and music.  

While you were enjoying the new car and bigger house your children's minds were infected and infested by the liberal NEA agenda now preached in the cesspools of social engineering we call "public schools."  

While you were watching your new HD television, their test scores plummeted to 23rd in the world and the hard curriculum that made this nation produce the best minds in the world eroded by liberal, communist teachers.


While you were sleeping the Roe vs. Wade ruling on abortion became distorted into just another easy form of birth control, and the liberal communists behind the ACLU began removing Christian symbols and words across America.  

These same Marxists are working to remove the words "In God We Trust" from our money, and you sit quietly and allow it to happen.  

While you were sleeping or enjoying that expensive vacation, liberal Democrats on global television degraded our soldiers and told the world how we are not liked anymore by Muslim and communist nations.  

While you were playing golf and tennis anti-American Muslims have been elected to Congress along with homosexuals to push their special interest agendas. And, while you were sleeping and partying with friends, our porous open borders allowed a flood of illegal immigrants to swarm America at a cost of $350 billion dollars a year; the same unabated swarm that brings hard core gangs, potential terrorists, and boatloads of drugs into our country for your children and their friends.


While you were sleeping our main stream media turned liberal and poison your family with cheap gossip, sex, homosexual agendas, and leftist political messages that fail to enrich but lie and distort the truth; the same media that portrays today's white middle class male as a cultural and social buffoon.  

While you were sleeping and relaxing on your laurels our public tax funded colleges and universities have been taken-over by liberal communist agendas that portray America as a "ugly capitalist warmongering white people" against the world; the same buildings of communist propaganda that dispense anti-American, anti-military bullshit to your culpable children.  

These atheist factories embrace Islam, and every anti-American stray dog on the planet to include the likes of Ward Churchill and anti-American terrorist bomber and close Obama friend William Ayers, who feel Stalin, Marx and Muhammed have greater historical significance than our founding fathers.  

While you were sleeping or otherwise not paying attention, your tax dollars have been hijacked by a leftist liberal agenda that embraces every anti-American thought and group in the world.  

You are paying for every disgruntled slacker and their anti-American programs in the country.  

You are paying for anti-American foreigners to come here and sue us for our national traditions; to sue us for our belief in God, to sue us for our heritage and resources they so freely take.  

By sleeping or otherwise being occupied, you have appeased our enemies, you have awarded anti-Americans by allowing them to take political office and determine the gloomy future now staring you in the face.  

While you were not paying any attention, our national sovereign flag has been burned, stomped and degraded by Muslim foreigners right here in America; the same people who have no intention to blend into our cultural melting pot, but to agitate and push their global agenda of "Allah for all."  

Are you awake now and tired of being run-over by liberal left losers?  

Are you angry yet?  

Are you beginning to wonder why your liberal elected representatives aren't stopping the flood of potential Middle East anti-American terrorists into our sovereign country?  

Are you beginning to see Islam's giant strides into your children and grandchildren's classroom?  

Are you wondering why the same Islamic monolith destroying the rest of the world supports this candidate for OUR White House?  

This is your last opportunity to do something.  

DO SOMETHING.  Call your friends and tell them to vote.  

 Apathy and sleeping got us in this mess.  

Write your local television station and tell them you will no longer expose your family to their filth.  

Call your school board and DEMAND that your child start learning math and science in lieu of "cultural diversity". Remind them that children get along just fine until some idiot liberal divides them into groups.  

Reinvest yourself in America. We are about to lose her.