Commentary by Linda: Election Day and the War Between Good and Evil

“To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structural feminists.” —Barack Obama in his memoir, Dreams From My Father  

In a rare moment of candor, Obama confesses his commitment to Marxism and its ideological spawn, that is, revolutionary dogma such as black liberation theology and structural feminism.   Marxism is the invention of the very twisted, demonically-occluded Karl Marx, who expressed his virulent hatred of God and his wish to be God in Luciferian (satanic) poetry.  In essence, Marxism is the anti-Gospel.  It is anti-Christ, anti-creation, anti-morality, and ultimately, anti-mankind.  It was characterized as the "Liberal Death Wish" by ex-progressive liberal Malcolm Muggeridge, who converted to Christianity after carefully analyzing revolutionary dogma, whose evils came into focus under critical scrutiny.


It has been foretold that the time would come when evil is good, and good is evil.  When the truth is lie and the lie is truth.  When freedom is slavery and slavery is freedom.  When life is death and death is life.  In short, the time would come when everything good and normal, natural and right, is turned upside-down so that the unnatural, abnormal, and wrong is on top.   That time is now.  


Its inverted 'morality' fueled by diabolical envy,  among the primary evils as defined by Marxism and all revolutionary dogma, are the following:  

1. Private property, which extends to man himself, for Marxism dehumanizes man and views him as property.   In terms in use already, mankind---the herd animal--- has been transformed into 'human capital' and 'human resources'


2. Free markets, which Marx redefined as 'capitalism'


3. Yahweh, Christianity, universal moral law, immutable truth, enduring principles


4. Individual freedom; as mankind is property belonging to the State and its cadre of self-annointed quasi-divine 'elites,' Marxism is really slavery disguised as something 'good.'


5. Traditional husband-wife-children family.  Marxism seeks the destruction of the family.  In its place, an open society and 'fluid' sexual relationships---including pedophillia and pederasty


6. Yahweh's created order of being, for example, the two sexes, male and female.   Marxism sees 'unisex' or 'androgyny' as the perfected ideal.   The very first attempt at re-engineering man into a he-she or androgynous being occured in the Soviet Union under control of Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin.  Androgyny is behind the 'gay' rights and 'gay' marriage agendas, and the promoting of these to America's youth by way of GLSEN, PlannedParenthood, and the NEA.


8. The inalienable right to life, as found in our Declaration of Independence.   Death by abortion, eugenics, euthanasia, starvation, slavery, and other forms of murder replace Yahweh's 'right to life.'   In short, what God gives, man takes away and replaces with the "Liberal Death Wish".   

Today, these evils are disguised as liberal politics, for example, as 'civil rights' 'choice' 'tolerance' and fairness issues.  Once Americans have been conditioned and/or deluded into accepting evil as political issues, they then take form as hate crime laws and speech codes, political correctness, and multiculturalism and are brazenly forced onto Americans by way of sensitivity and diversity training.   Note that due to the unnaturalness and abnormality of  Marxism, intimidation, fear, terror, deception, subtilty, and other tactics of coercion must be applied at all times.  Sensitivity training comes into focus as a tool of deception whose true purpose is the slow desensitization of Americans to the abhorrent, the unnatural, the repugnant---in short, the evil.    For example, our youth are being desensitized to the naturally and normally repellant by way of 'gay' sensitivity training conducted by GLSEN, NEA, and PlannedParenthood, with the ACLU as bully-boy enforcer, and funded by international Progressive Liberals such as George Soros, Ted Turner, and a large interconnected coalition of Progressive foundations, a very few examples of which are the Ford, Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Theresa Heinz Kerry's  foundations.  


On Tuesday, the most critically important election of our lives will take place.   On that day, the war between good and evil will be fought at the polls by informed, spiritually aware Americans who vote McCain/Palin and the spiritually blind and spellbound who vote for the charismatic, amoral, spellbinder---Barack Obama.   Standing in the shawdows behind Obama are his 'funders'---the international dark-powers whose goal is the completion of the NWO which has been under construction for almost 100 years.  The NWO cannot come into being until traditional values America is finally, and irrevocably destroyed.     Nothing less than our destiny---and the destiny of the free world---will be decided on that fateful day.