The Green Agenda, by K.B. Napier

The President of the Czech Republic (Dr Vaclav Klaus, who spoke against Gore last year) requested a personal copy of KB Napier's 'Green Agenda'  and is now reading it. It is also being reviewed by Southern Baptists. Here is brief intro:

Al Gore has successfully scammed the entire world with his global-warming, climate-changing, CO2 deception. The IPCC fraudulently changed vital scientific information to produce its 2007 Report that induced panic. Governments and the media have put a gagging order on anyone who tells the truth. The reason is simple - Greens,the UN and EU, and governments, want total control over people. The Green movement has nothing to do with 'saving the planet'... it has everything to do with bringing back Marxism and Fascism on a grand scale, suppressing truth,hiking-up taxes and bringing in crippling energy controls. This book shows the truth behind the Green... ignore it at your peril.

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