When Character is no Longer King

On election day it occurred to me that one good thing about the prospect of Barack Obama in the White House was its answer to my curiosity. Fearing what happened to the proverbial cat, I cast my ballot for John McCain.It required no great imagination to see that McCain would indeed be "more of the same" of Bush-style politics, with the probable benefit of his predilection for wielding the power of the veto pen against big spending. I'm one of those few in the low 30 percentile who approve of George W. Bush, who believe he has made for a very good president, despite his many flaws (as any leader is sure to have). So envisioning a new, and reformed, Republican presidency that favored smaller government, a strong hand in the war against jihadists, and a free market that remains free—I was good with all that. I knew what to expect with John McCain … Read More