Newly Elected Socialists Prepare to Slash Defense Spending

PatriotPost.US Thanks to the global financial meltdown teamed with the election of a leftist regime that hates the U.S. military, it looks as though the Pentagon will be yet again targeted for significant budget cuts. All across the services, budget planners are already analyzing spending scenarios that, at best, would freeze current budgets or, worse, slash them significantly. As in previous Pentagon budget-cutting frenzies, the obvious targets for savings are new arms programs. It doesn't help when many of these new programs continually rack up huge cost overruns -- at least $300 billion for the top 75 weapons systems, according to the Government Accounting Office -- although it should be noted that new technology development is inherently unpredictable. Some top targets for reductions or termination include the Joint Strike Fighter, the Navy's new destroyer, and the ground-based missile defense system. (Speaking of missile defense, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev wasted no time firing a shot across Obama's bow, threatening to deploy Iskander missiles "to neutralize, when necessary," the U.S. shield. It seems Joe Biden was right.)  

Naturally, budget pressures will increase tensions between the Pentagon and the newly left-leaning tag team of Congress and the White House over how best to balance funding our troops fighting the Long War and developing new weapons systems that will be needed in future wars.


Unfortunately, some newly emboldened members of Congress aren't worried about a proper military budget balance at all. Rep. Barney Frank (Marxist-Mass), chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, has already said he would like to reduce military spending by 25 percent. Other U.S. socialists say it would be easier to cut military spending rather than programs such as Social Security and Medicare because most people's retirement savings have dwindled due to the financial crisis. The next year will be a critical time for all Patriots to let Washington know in the strongest terms possible that they will not allow the Obama regime to disarm America's military.