Conservatives Didn't Govern by their Philosophy So Voters Fired Them

Conservatism in America is in the toilet today for one simple reason: When given the chance to govern according to their philosophy, conservatives failed. And when you fail, you lose.

America did not decide in 2008 that it loved big government, redistributionist economic policies and foreign policy weakness. The majority of Americans don’t want any of those things, and won’t be happy if they are foisted upon them. But the voters weren’t really thinking about that when they went to the polls last Tuesday. They were simply firing the people who didn’t do their jobs.

Any discussion of where conservatism goes from here has to begin with an examination of why, given control of Congress and the White House from 2001 through 2006, conservatives did not get federal spending under control, reform the tax code, fix Social Security or resume serious domestic oil production.

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