Barack Obama, Vessel for a Puerile, Self-Congratulatory Movement

PatriotPost.US This election was about one thing and one thing only: Americans' puerile need for unity through self-congratulatory, cathartic membership in a broad, transformative political movement. For eight years, Americans have been engaged in hostile politics. And after eight years, Americans were sick of it. That isn't to America's credit. Hostile politics -- hard-fought political conflict over the issues that matter -- is not a bad thing. It is precisely the sort of messy republicanism the founders embraced. Early elections were replete with mudslinging, character assassination, brawls and scandals. They were also replete with some of the most substantive debate on policy ever put before mankind. Apparently, we're no longer interested in the dirty business of politics. We'd rather feel ourselves part of a high-minded movement. Not the sort of movement that espouses particular policies -- not the antiwar movement, or the pro-life movement -- those movements are too divisive. We want to be part of a movement that is solely about us. Barack Obama was the vessel for that movement." --Ben Shapiro