Commentary by Linda: Americans Duped by the 'Gay' Swindle and the Coming Progressive Surreal-World

"The heart of man is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: Who can know it?"   Jeremiah 17:9  

David Horowitz, author of "The Surreal World of the Progressive Left," observed that, "It is not for nothing that George Orwell had to invent terms like 'double-think' and 'double-speak' to describe the universe totalitarians created....misrepresentation of facts, distortion of motives and general acts of character assassination are the preferred modes of progressive discourse...progressives don't regard their judgements as opinions but as a received (and therefore incontrovertible) truth.  Eventually an alternative reality is created by this process which no one would even think to check."  (FrontPageMagazine, 1/25/08)


Though generally thought of in political terms, the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917  was really a 'progressive' revolution.  Following in the footsteps of the French Revolution---the first attempt by progressive revolutionaries to create a surreal universe---the Bolshevik Revolution was the second major attempt.  Through terror, fire, brimstone, and mass murder, they forcefully pulled down the evil 'old order,' characterized as the Church, traditional family, morality, private property, and all other traditional cultural and social institutions and organizations.   Out of the ashes of the old order was to arise a new and Perfected Man and a new and Perfected World Order.  Their notion of perfection however, was so abnormal and naturally repugnant, that the 'progressive changes' necessary for the perfection of man and society had to be brought about by force.   What were these 'changes' as regards mankind?  Unisex, or androgyny.   The Perfected Man was to be unisex, or androgynous: out with the old---the two sexes, male and female---and in with the 'new'---unisex, or polymorphous perversion. 


Behind radical feminism, same-sex marriage, the unisex theme, gay pride, and the over-all pattern of degeneration at all levels of society throughout America and the West lies a revamped international totalitarian Progressive revolution.  It shuns the communist label and instead disguises itsellf as progress, tolerance, diversity, inclusion, multiculturalism and political correctness. 


The 'Gay' Swindle 


Behind the 'gay' agenda lies the renewed effort on behalf of Progressives to re-engineer and 'perfect' man.  In a previous article entitled "Gay Totalitarians 'Polymorphously Perverse' Sex Education for Kids," I quoted Gloria Filax, a Progressive at the University of Manitoba who calls for the Perfected Man to be 'polymorphously perverse.'  Attacking the traditional family, she accuses 'straight' males and females of 'heteronormativity,' (of being normal) and goes on to declare that sinful 'heteronormatives' are propping up the traditional family, which she labels as 'oppressive,' 'hateful,' and of course, 'intolerant.'   "Schools," declares Filax, "have a responsibility to provide Ob/Scene education; that is, safe sex education." (Ob/Scenely Polymorphously Perverse Sex Education, Gloria Filax)


 Clear thinking, truth, reality, and the courage to speak truth is demanded of us if we are to effectively fight against the surreal universe being created by Progressives, who are unarguably, morally insane.


If we are to be effective in the battle against the 'gay' or 'polymorphously perverse' insanity, we must stand firmly on truth and reality, in this case the two sexes as created by God: male and female.  Through the prism of truth and reality, 'gays' are revealed as not something 'uniquely different' from either male or female for the simple reason that 'nothing else' exists but males and females.  Immutable means 'not subject to change,' and just as Yahweh is immutable, so is His truth, His moral law, and His created order of being, in this case, the two sexes.   Hence, the two sexes are immutable.


 Even hermaphrodites, born with both male and female genitalia, and who 'gay's hold up as evidence for their own agenda, are in reality, unfortunates who suffer from a genetic defect, but then so do unfortunates born with one leg or with cranial and facial defects.  Take note however, that unfortunates born with for instance, facial defects, are not redefined as a new 'class' of beings.  Why the double-standard?  Because underlying and fueling the 'gay' agenda are furiously-strong dark-impulses which their bearers suffer from.   Salvation (release from suffering) they believe, comes by way of giving into their impulses. 


When Enlightenment and pre-Enlightenment word-magicians and myth-making wizards such as Hegel, Feuerbach, Comte, Marx, and Nietzsche declared the death of God, they were engaging in a swindle.  The Progressive revolution takes life, meaning,  and validity from the God is dead swindle just as does the 'gay' swindle. 


When Toto pulled the curtain aside, the illusion that a real Wizard of Oz existed was destroyed.  The illusion was destroyed by truth.  Behind the curtain of the 'gay' swindle are mere males and females possessed by strong impulses.  They have duped gullible Americans into believing an illusion: that 'gays' are something 'uniquely different' from the two sexes, male and female.  The illusion gains added validity by the misuse of the word gender, which really refers to sex abstractly applied to nonliving things such as hurricanes, boats, etc.  The confusion wrought by this further deception helps advance and validate the 'gay' illusion.  Standing behind the 'curtain of deception,' 'gay' swindlers demand rights, such as marriage, and special protections as characterized by hate crime laws.


By buying into the 'gay' swindle, the logical consequence will see us eventually forced into accepting as 'real' the goddess swindle, the 'vampire' swindle, the 'sorcerer' swindle, and George Soros 'godman' swindle.  Fueling all of these dark-desires are furiously strong dark-impulses. Where Hegel's impulse to be Christ, and Marx's impulse to be God, Comte's impulse to be the Pope, and Nietzsche's impulse to be Superman went unsatisfied, delusion is now so strong that the time is ripe for these 'godlike' impulses to brazenly come 'out of the closet."  We can be very sure that the 'gods and goddesses' will return; their dark- impulses will be the boxcars behind the 'gay' locomotive.   

Truth, reality, and the courage of conviction, these are the absolute requirements in our battle against evil.  Nothing less will do.