When did Homosexuals become a Race?

When did homosexuals become a race, an ethnic group suffering generations of racism and discrimination? When did sodomy become the equivalent of nationhood? Or are they craftily comparing apples and oranges to get what they want? Is our pre-determined race/ethnicity equal to our lifestyle/sexual choices/urges? Even though there is nothing scientific or natural about saying one is born gay, liberals have continued to drill into people's heads that one is gay by birth, that there is such a thing as "gay identity," a political label produced by modern sexual rebels. Changes in laws and social policies to normalize unnatural sexual acts and desensitize the population about them are political decisions par excellence; they have nothing to do with objective science. Like swinging, pedophilia, and polygamy, this immoral lifestyle is leading the way toward reshaping, or destroying, social ideals and fulfilling the radical notion that God, morality, gender, traditional family, and taboos are all obstacles to true freedom and happiness, what the sex-revolution architect Marcuse called "polymorphic perversity," an agenda that almost engulfed the Soviet Union if it weren't for the far-sightedness of anti-Trotsky elements in Russia. http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-bloggers/2132147/posts