Commentary: Making Sense of Big Brother's Double-Speak

George Orwell, author of ' Animal Farm' and '1984,' had to invent terms such as 'group-think' 'double-think' and 'double-speak' in order to describe international Progressive-Socialism's misrepresentations, outright lies, inverted morality (immoralism), distortions, irrationalism, and convoluted reasoning.   He invented another term---'Big Brother'---by which he characterized the overall totalitarian agenda of international socialism.  With practiced deception, Big Brother continues using double-think and double-speak to keep secret the truth of his totalitarian intentions.     

The truth behind Big Brother's double-speak comes into focus with regards to Alan Keyes---a staunch Christian and defender of our founding principles---and Obama, hand-picked water-boy for Big Brother, the international socialist agenda.  When Alan Keyes--a black Christian man--ran for president, socialists and their propaganda-mouthpieces in mainstream media accused no one of being a racist, bigot, hater, or homophobic-heteronormative (person guilty of being normal) for not voting for Keyes.  No, it was the reverse.  Here, all people in support of this particular black man were smeared and labeled as haters, heteronormatives, bigots, racists, and division-makers.   In short, we were being told that Alan Keyes is an evil black man as are all people who support him.  

With regards to Obama, we must turn all reasoning upside-down and backwards.  Here, all people who refused to support Obama---the 'good' black man--- are sinners guilty of racism, bigotry,hate, heteronomativity, intolerance, and division-making.  In sum, Obama and all who supported him are 'good' and those who did not, are 'evil.' 


In a broader perspective, all people who wittingly or unwittingly support international socialism are the Forces of Good while those who don't are the Forces of Evil. 


This Good Forces vs Evil Forces dichotomy is gnostic-Manichean dualism, the notion that two eternally existing, equally powerful forces of Good and Evil are at war in the world.    In "Gulag Archipelago" author Alexander Solzhenitsyn exposed the evils of Marxist Communism and identified  communism/socialism as  gnostic-irreligions.  Millions upon millions of 'evil classes' and/or 'evil races' were liquidated by Marxist Communists and National Socialists (Nazis) in  'righteous crusades' to rid the world of evil and usher in a New World and a New and Perfected Man. 


The Forces of Good are not born fallen, they tell themselves.  Rather they are born 'good,' and because they are 'good,' they permit themselves to commit every sort of evil---even mass-murder---on behalf of their 'righteous' cause.  The only sinners are the Forces of Evil, and because salvation through Jesus Christ is nothing more than a superstition, claim the enlightened Forces of Good, there remain only two ways to rid the world of evil: re-education (ie., in our schools, which function as re-education camps) and as the Final Solution, liquidation of all sinners (Forces of Evil).


 Gnostic-dualism is at work right here in America.   It identifies the Forces of Evil as orthodox Christians and Jews, plus anyone else who dissents against Big Brother's coming New Order.  Hate crime laws, speech codes, and political correctness are a sort of vanguard evangelisation process used by Big Brother.  It serves two purposes: as an initial mind-and-soul-conversion-process and---keeping in mind that with Big Brother, all things are upside-down and backwards--- as a spiritual-broom that separates the wheat (Forces of Evil) from the chaff (Forces of Good).      

Can we fight back?  Yes.  As a vitally necessary first step, the Biblical teaching that "All men are sinners'---not just some, but ALL--- must be revived and preached loudly from every pulpit, every rooftop, and every town-center.   Sin, atonement, repentance---MUST be revived lest we be overwhelmed by Big Brother and gnostic-dualism's dangerous and evil-producing Forces of Good vs Forces of Evil dichotomy.