Obama's Nation has Begun: Join the Growing Resistance

Already more than 180,163 freedom loving citizens have taken similaraction as this patriotic, conservative movement is beginning to take shape and sweep the nation. Already, we have a growing presence on many of the most trafficked news sites on web--reaching millions with our resistance message. But initially, we are also relying heavily on friends like you to help us spread the word about this vital initiative to save our nation and preserve our conservative values. It is critical that we rapidly build a strong grassroots coalition, and for that we need you spreading the word and leading citizens to sign our petition.                   Please forward this and other updates that you receive         directly to 25-30 friends and family. Carefully explain to         them about "The Resistance", and encourage them to join         you by clicking here: http://www.grassfire.net/r.asp?u=13293&PID=18874316