Commentary by Linda: Socialism and Two Kinds of People

The sociopolitical concept known as socialism and/or communism is not new.  In fact, it is very ancient.  Some ancient Greeks attempted to make communism a reality.  That experiment ultimately failed.   Plato spoke of it admiringly, even though he understood that it was not feasible.     

However, the first attempt at building socialism was in ancient Shinar.  It came about when the terrible-willed Nimrod (Amraphel in OT, also Gilgamesh and Hammurabi) the great-grandson of Noah 'killed' God and then declared himself 'two-parts god, only one-part man.'  The pyramid-shaped ziggurat (Tower of Babel) built by Nimrod symbolizes socialism/communism, a sociopolitical system characterized by nature worship, dehumanization of large numbers of people (to be used as slaves, sex toys, etc), mind-control, inverted morality and hedonism, collectivism (all wealth and resources in the hands of the few), self-idolatry, and lack of emotional control, especially envy.   It was not an accident that the myth of the Evil Eye arose in ancient Shinar. 


In his seminal work, Lord of the Rings, author JRR Tolkien portrays socialism/communism as Sauron's blasted hell over which unceasingly sweeps the burning gaze of the sleepless Evil Eye of Envy.  Fueled by the dark spirit of hate, the Eye ceaselessly and minutely scrutinizes every face for signs of 'politically incorrect thought' and/or possession of forbidden 'property.'


Underlying and fueling the drive for socialism are four spiritual aspects of fallen man: self-idolatry (pride of mind and flesh), resentment of the way things work in the real world---particularly mortality---abuse of free will, and  fear of individual freedom. 


Because the terrible willed man and those whose wills are only somewhat less terrible, find that saying 'no' to their gnawing impulses is a great cause of suffering, salvation from suffering means liberation from morality and the way things are designed to work in this world.   In short, they seek Power (license) not only to give-into their basest impulses but to escape reality by destroying the existing order.  In reaching for the necessary Power (Sauron's One Ring) they Fall, for as base impulses (pride, lust, gluttony, hate, greed, envy) inflate, one is eventually transformed into a conscienceless beast-man.  The Fall as a downward-spiraling process of transformation is depicted by Tolkien by way of various beastly characters: Gollom---who goes about on all fours---, Sauruman, Grimma Wormtongue, and the very standard of evil, Sauron the Evil Eye of envy.  In reaching for forbidden power, Nimrod called himself 'god' but was in reality, transformed into a murderous tyrannical beast-man symbolized by the Evil Eye of envy.       


Those who for selfish purposes abuse volition (free will), will not as a consequence, develop emotional and/or impulse control.  A further consequence eventually manifests itself as fear of individual freedom.  This is because the first impulse to become inflated is always pride (narcissism), hence it's through the distorted, dark glass of his own narcissism that he sees everyone else.    As other base impulses inflate, the terrible-willed selfish man falsely assumes that everyone else must be like himself: out-of-control, selfish, lying, greedy, lusting after power, sly, resentful, hateful, etc.   Simultaneous to all of this, pride seductively whispers to him that he is superior to all others and entitled to whatever he wants.   His conscience seared and shriveled and possessed by the darkness of iniquity the transformed Sauruman (beast-man psychopath) seeks control over the minds, actions, and property of others.   Dehumanization is the necessary precondition to the vital control and/or harming of others, but in his transformed state the beast-man finds this to be no barrier at all.   In short, those who are to be controlled, enslaved, and/or harmed must be reduced to pond scum, soulless animals, machines, weeds, insects, feces, etc.  Dehumanization as 'science,' the science of materialism, was invented, promoted, and practiced by soulless beast-men: Karl Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, the Frankfurt School, Stalin, Hitler, Mengele, Mao, and Pol Pot, among others---20th century's mass murderers and assorted psychopaths.


In America, the necessary precondition of dehumanization has been met.   For it's by way of the teaching of Darwinism that Americans have been reduced to soulless animals and/or meat-machines.


Socialism appeals greatly to the type of man previously described as well as to neurotics, the resentful, fringe-elements, and the downtrodden, who buy into the seductive utopian promises of the beast-men.   Individual liberty on the other hand, appeals to a type of person vastly different from the former.  This sort can be characterized as self-sacrificial, self-controlled and personally accountable (able to submit to moral authority), self-reliant, creative, and in short, able to suffer without blaming others.   This sort possesses a hardy 'can-do' spirit.  It was this sort of people, primarily Christians, who journeyed to America in search of freedom from tyranny.  Though suffering much hardship and loss of life, they nevertheless built the freest, most enlightened, decent, and creative civilization the world has ever known.


Today, the light of liberty is going out in America.   Why is this happening?  It's occuring because the former sort of man---the terrible-willed beast men---have gained the upper hand precisely because too many of the freedom-loving people are cowering in fear---- intimidated by the wrathful temper-tantrums thrown by the terrible-willed ones.    But either we find the courage to stand up to threats and temper tantrums today, or we will find ourselves fighting for our very lives tomorrow, for the Evil Eye of envy is like unto the law of gravity.  Where the purpose of gravity is to pull all things to earth, the Evil Eye of envy serves one purpose: it kills, steals, and destroys.