Multiculturalism: A Cultural Cancer

When the Moors migrated en masse into Spain, they neither established a perfect clone of an Arabian caliphate nor constructed a conventional Christian kingdom. Instead, over a period of centuries, they created al-Andalus, a Muslim society that made some civilized allowances for the Europeans who had preceded them there. By the time of the Reconquista 800 years later, the Spain that had once been was no more. Today, the English who languish under Scottish rule in the United Kingdom are horrified by the changes that have been taking place since 2003 in the Oxford Junior Dictionary. This 10,000 word dictionary, published by Oxford University Press, is primarily intended for the use of UK schoolchildren, increasing numbers of whom are not English. Words which have been removed from the dictionary include Christmas terms such as "carol, cracker, holly, ivy, mistletoe," fantasy words like "dwarf, elf, goblin," words related to Christianity such as "altar, bishop, chapel, disciple, minister, monastery, monk, nun, psalm, saint, sin, devil," and even such classically English animals as "magpie, piglet, starling, weasel, wren."

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