Commentary by Linda: Green Environmentalism is the 'New' Red Socialism/Communism

George Orwell, author of 1984, had to invent terms like double-think and double-speak in order to describe the convoluted reasoning, outright lies, artful misapplications, and sly deceptions utilized by communists and their progressive fellow-travelers.  Thus in double-speak, peace is war, love is hate, freedom is slavery, and green is the new red.  

Jesus Christ foretold that, "They will hate you for my sake."  


For the spiritually awake and discerning, the truth of that statement can be clearly seen today by 'who' is virulently hated and by 'who' does the hating.  The virulently hated---derivisely labeled Jesus Freaks by the haters---are orthodox Christians and Jews, social Conservatives, and all who side with them, even if in part.  The 'new' green' haters: Liberal Christians (fake Christianity), atheists (ie. evolutionary scientist Daniel Dennett), progressive 'gay' totalitarians (ie., GLSEN), Hollywood limo-liberals, the ACLU, green climate-change crowd, and transnational progressives (the new global aristocracy).    

What do the haters share in common?  From Jeremiah Wright to Bishop Swing, Robert Muller, Mikhail Gorbachev, Ted Turner, Al Gore, Steven Rockefeller and Daniel Dennett, all view some sort of immanetized (within nature or matter) 'god-force'  'christ consciousness'  'elan vitale' Karl Marx's 'divinized Matter' or 'ineffable Force' within Darwinian Natural Selection as their creator.   Some may call it The Force (Star Wars), an Overmind, or perhaps an Absolute or Ground of Being, but all are variants of nature worship.   This is nothing more than pagan superstitions updated, revised, draped in scientism, and hence made palatable for vain moderns who falsely---and foolishly-- believe that they are adherents of something 'new,' 'scientific' 'enlightened,' and 'progressive.'   And here two more truths come into focus: why they must speak double-speak (they dare not tell the truth), and " Pride goes before a Fall".