Jewish Columnist Takes on Liberal Jewish ADL & 'Gay' Fascists

 Jewish columnist takes on Anti-Defamation League (ADL) for ignoring bigoted attacks by homosexual activists on Mormon, Catholic, and Protestant churches.We've all been outraged and sickened by the barbaric attacks against churches - particularly Mormon churches - by homosexual activists over the last month, enraged because constitutional amendments to ban homosexual "marriage" passed in all three states where it was put up for a vote.

MassResistance report on violence and terror against churches (see below)

But because this is being done by a "protected" group, it's not being taken seriously by our government or by the media. It's bad enough that the mainstream media largely ignored or downplayed this. But worse is the extreme hypocrisy by the self-styled "anti-defamation" groups, which remained silent because they support the homosexual movement.

Recently, when the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has become very active and animated over a swastika painted on a liberal Jewish temple in Newton by vandals, but has said virtually nothing about what's going on across the country, columnist Tom Mountain had enough. Tom writes a weekly column for The Jewish Advocate, the major Jewish newspaper in New England. In his own way, Tom has decided to fight back. Here's his article: 


"How to deal with the dilemma of a swastika spray-painted on synagogue property, such as which happened at a Reform temple in Newton?

At a minimum the police need to be informed, an investigation of sorts launched, and hopefully, with due diligence and some luck, the vandals are apprehended. Yet more often than not, they're never caught. Because swastikas written on synagogue property tend to be an isolated incident; the work of hooligans, usually teens, who want to get a rise out of the community. Which is precisely what happened in Newton."

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Mass. Resistance Report about Campaign of Violence and Terror Against Churches, Synagogues, Temples