Budget Crises Brings Massive MA. State Cuts, Everything Cut but 'Gay' Sacred Cow

Budget crisis brings massive cuts in MA state programs - but $700,000 for homosexual programs in schools remains "sacred cow" of politicians. We need to change that!It's a time like this when you realize the incredible power the homosexual movement has over our top elected officials.

Massachusetts is in an unprecedented budget crisis. Millions of dollars for programs and services are being cut. But the state's top elected officials refuse to budge on the $700,000 of your money that's going to homosexual programs in the public schools. (In October it was lowered slightly from $850,000. That's still obscenely high -- ANY amount is too much -- and a huge weapon for homosexual activists in schools. And we hear they're getting the rest of the money from another government source.)

What is being cut instead?

Massachusetts has a $1.5 billion budget shortfall - and it's growing. On Tuesday a new estimate predicts the deficit will rise to $2.1 billion by the middle of next year.

Two months ago the budget slashing began. Here are some of the cuts, highlighted in recent news reports, that the Governor and Legislature have made to programs and services in Massachusetts:

1,000 jobs from state payroll. Head Start pre-school programs ($1 million) Opiate addiction treatment facilities ($5 million) Infant immunization facilities ($5 million) Job training programs ($9 million) Senior home care services ($3.9 million) Beach preservation efforts ($368,000) Aid for thousands of children in homeless families ($250,000) Help for ex-prisoners re-entering society ($200,000) Funding for University of Mass. system ($24 million) Closing four state mental health institutions: $80 million annually. Plus: Cutting state aid to cities and towns. Last month, House Speaker DiMasi announced that all Massachusetts cities and towns will probably get a 10% cut in local aid - a total of $530 million. All this is in addition to are raising corporate taxes in Massachusetts by more than $400 million (which will affect businesses staying here).

List of cuts here: