The Mapping of Shaia Project: Islamic Radicals Right Here in VA and Nationwide

The Mapping Sharia Project is an independent organization that receives no government support. We depend on the support of concerned citizens like you to sustain the manpower and resources required to send our trained researchers out into the field to document how radical Islam is taking root in America.Consider just a few examples that Mapping Sharia Project researchers have recently uncovered: In New York, Islamic leaders advocating putting weapons into the hands of gang members after they have been taught Islam.

In Virginia, an Islamic leader near Virginia Tech informed our researcher he advocates Sharia law in the U.S., similar to Sudan. He also argued in favor of slaying anyone who does not adhere to "pure Islam."

In Florida, Islamic leaders support killing non-Muslims and even Muslims who do not agree with their ideology of Sharia.

In Texas, clerics informed our researchers how illegal funding is obtained in the U.S. and then transferred to foreign organizations in support of terrorist organizations. Foreign clerics are sowing the seeds of radical Islam here in America. The War on Terror is not a foreign war being fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. Islamofascists have brought the battle to our own backyard. We need to know what they're planning.

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