Commentary by Linda: Why Foolish Sheeple believe Global Change is True

Just recently, a mind-conditioned sheeple smugly remarked to me that belief in Darwinian macroevolution and global change is the mark of an enlightened, scientific person while belief in the Genesis account of creation is the mark of a scientifically illiterate Jesus-Freak redneck.

In other words, I diplomatically responded to the sheeple, we are ignorant, superstition-believing Jesus-Freaks unless we believe as true the alchemical gnostic myth that long, long ago we were bits of irrational primordial slime that over successive changes (or reincarnations) was transformed into plantlife, from plantlife into lizards and then into birds, from birds into simians (monkeys), and then by way of a miraculous evolutionary quantum leap in consciousness (an accidental endowment from the Ineffable Force at work within the Laws of the Evolution Deity), the monkeys became 'aware' and then, Presto, Chango!---were magically transformed into humans. The Aztecs creation myth was very similar to this one. Of course they believed they were nuts before being transformed into humans.

Now it makes sense to us 'Jesus-Freak rednecks" why Darwinian sheeple believe that global change and carbon footprints----reinventions of the wrath of the gods and medieval Catholicism's purgatory indulgences---are also true.

As a man believes, so he is.