Commentary by Linda: Throwing Down the Things of the Imagination

"No student of the physical sciences, no atheist or agnostic, despite continual efforts, has ever been able to fathom how God created life on earth. Instead they posit some incredibly silly hypotheses about coagulating mud crystals, becoming by random chance, the progenitors of DNA, or else they shrug their shoulders and assume that the world had no beginning, that it has always been as it is." Thomas Brewton, The Enduring Word of God

When so-called 'scientific' evangelists of evolution such as the scientistic-sophist Richard Dawkins, preach the word of Darwinism, it's macroevolution disguised behind microevolution that they are really proselytizing. Simply defined, microevolution is the ages-old science of breeding practiced by animal breeders and horticulturalists. No one argues against the truth of that science. Macroevolution, however, is a gnostic-horse of an entirely different color.

Macroevolution is a 'thing of the magic-thinking imagination.' It's the notion that one kind of thing, silver or dinosaurs for instance, can be magically transformed into another kind of thing, gold or hummingbirds, for example. The seeds of macroevolution are found on the ancient stone tablets on which the Epic of Gilgamesh is recounted. These stone tablets were discovered in the library of Asherbanipal in ancient Shinar-Ninevah. Gilgamesh claims he was a fish before becoming a mere mortal. Afterward he was transformed into two-parts god, one-part man. Obviously something went wrong in 'evolutionary' transit.

If we can believe as true the silly notion that Gilgamesh was a fish before becoming a man, then we will find it just as easy to believe as true the Darwinian based notion of the 'triune brain,' the idea that man has three brains---lizard, dog, and human. It makes a bizarre sort of sense, for after all, if we were once lizards, and then dogs, then it seems logical to believe that we still have lizard and dog brains. The next step is to believe as true the shamelessly silly notion that we are helplessly controlled by instincts hardwired into our lizard and dog brains. According to this imaginative hypotheses, our lizard brains on the one hand, are responsible for making us do bad things like commit murder, adultery, and lots of other covetous, lustful things. For some peculiar reason, it seems that ancient lizards were not just murderous, lying little critters but lustful ones as well....hmmm. On the other hand, it's the 'loyalty' hardwired into our dog brains that make us feel so very sad about the lustful, lying, murderous mayhem caused by our lizard brains.

How lucky though for the lizard/dog brain-beings that the mystical Ineffable Force operating within the Evolution Deity 'Naturally Selected' some highly evolved 'chosen ones' and endowed them with a 'human brain' thus allowing these adepts to sort out, make sense of, and to manage the affairs of the hapless lizard-dog brain beings. Lost in a suffocating cloud of angst, contradiction, stupidity, pornographic lust, mayhem, and confusion, poor lizard-dog brain beings would be completely lost without their manager-trainers who've brought salvation by way of a variety of psychotropic drugs to benumb the raging beasts within.

Gnostic macroevolution rightly falls under the category of magic. Hence alchemy, black magic, reincarnation, transmigration, and kundalini for example, are all types of gnostic macroevolution which speak of transformation from one kind of thing into another kind of thing. The seeds of all of these magic-practices is ancient Babylon.

In light of the preceding, we can see that Charles Darwin---the secular 'Moses' who liberated man from God--- serves as the figurehead or facade that gives 'scientific' validation for the magical gnostic scientism of macroevolution.

God declared that in the end He will throw down all things of the imagination. That means Darwinian macroevolution----the ancient anti-creation myth---as well.