Hilmar von Campe: Quo Vadis America

byHilmar von Campe

Living in America no longer implies living in the structure of laws which is based on the Constitution. We have a president who excludes the American people and Congress in an effort to push them without national debate into the unconstitutional North American Community project which is nevertheless developing with taxpayer’s money. I am against the project.

We have an president-elect who refuses to submit to the people and authorities documentation to prove that he is eligible for the job which logically can only mean that he has none. We have a Congress where members can be bought and where the members use money for personal benefit; money which American people have paid into programs like Social Security to go toward retirement and pensions.Then, we have a judiciary which has insulated this nation with a godless infrastructure without being impeached by Congress and a greedy bunch of big money movers some of whom do not only steal millions but billions from the American people. Barack Hussein Obama embodies this current that continues to move away from Constitutionalism. He has not taken up any moral issues related to steering such departures back toward Constitutionalism even within his own party. Instead he wants to inject doses of materialistic Marxism into our Constitution and immorality into our laws. He wants change to begin with others which is cheap. Most people and especially politicians walk on this road. My message is: begin with yourself.

During the transformation of our society from a God-fearing nation into one resembling Sodom and Gomorrah a majority of Christians sings hymns in their churches and look away from the godlessness within the United States. By doing nothing relevant to stop the march of America into a totalitarian system, it will rob their children and grandchildren of their national Christian heritage and tradition along with their constitutional rights pretending that there is no danger.

I think that only very few people have a clue of what we are up against and what the approaching picture will look like if we keep headed where it appears we are going. When I listen to people or read plans for the next elections and its possibilities I think to myself, “provided we still have a free and honest election.” I wouldn`t take it for granted. We have to understand that the link between immorality and a totalitarian system is sin and sin is borne out of godlessness. The organized godless can easily hold influence over the selfish individual taken over by godless living. Every lie is an expression of godlessness. I was a church-going godless person who lied, cheated and was living for myself. I had to change profoundly. I realized that if lies take root and become embedded in laws and social behaviors as the basis for a way of life, and are written in legislation and government action, then our society today will find itself on the road to a totalitarian system where lies not only dominate but rule. It is a natural law, part of human nature, that one lie always leads to another. Unchanged secular politicians cure very little and their plans are self-serving. They make things worse.

My life and my purpose changed completely when I broke the dictatorship of relativism and accepted God’s absolute moral standards – I stopped lying. Having made that dramatic personal change in my own life gives me confidence in the knowledge that everybody can change including our president and president elect. That is the only way to a sane policy.

Hitler lied himself into power and into WWII as I explain in my book Defeating the Totalitarian Lie. The first Nazi government had only two Nazis in the cabinet. One was the minister of interior who was in charge of the police. But within weeks he had nearly eliminated the political opposition, centralized power in his hands and curtailed the civil rights of the population. The fire that burned down the Parliament building in February 1933 was set by the Nazis and blamed on the Communists. It was the beginning of the process of putting the population into a straightjacket in line with the Nazi .purpose. Posing as a patriot and promising to create a great country, Hitler managed to seduce and enlist a great part of the WWI generation and especially the youth. But he was no patriot. He was a ruthless Socialist.

Obama lied himself into power also. He is dishonest about himself and about the nature of his links with the radical Left. He is dishonest about the nature of his purposes. If one one were to look at his program it would cause a kind of shudder about the direction in which he wants to lead America. He poses as a committed Christian and managed to seduce and enlist the necessary Christian voters of this decisive group of citizens to get elected. But he is only a Socialist fake Christian. You cannot have abortion in your political platform and be a Christian at the same time. Like Hitler, he uses people for his own purposes.

Howard Phillips, chairman of the Conservative Caucus, lists part of this program which speaks for itself:

Restoration of the Fairness Doctrine - the ´Censorship Doctrine`, which would shut down talk radio and maybe even conservative websites.

Obama’s promise to impose new taxes, regulations and fees that could bankrupt American families attempting to afford heat and gasoline. Amnesty for illegal aliens, and possible new benefits which would attract even more immigrants, both legal and illegal. Socialized medicine which would result in the rationing of medical care and months-long waits for routine and even emergency care—just as happens in Canada and other socialized-medicine countries. The unconstitutional award of voting privileges in the House of Representatives to Washington, D.C. Higher spending. More Federal involvement in the indoctrination of students in the government schools. Elimination of the secret ballot in union elections. Drastic cuts in U.S. defense spending, particularly with regard to SDI and space programs. Plans to merge the United States into a North American Union (NAU) and scrap the dollar for the “Amero.” I would add The Law of the Seas which among other unacceptable conditions would empower the United Nations to tax the American people directly.

As I understand it, the main task assigned to Obama to integrate the United States into the Socialist international power structure, which is meant to lead us toward a global government absorbed by the United Nations. This operation is to a great extent financed by the United States tax payer via a blind government establishment...

The Nazis murdered 16 million people including the 6 million Jews. WWII cost 50 million people their lives. Obama is now head of the Democratic Party`s leadership. Since it was made legal in 1973 by a one vote majority in the Supreme Court around 50 million unborn human beings have been murdered in the wombs of their mothers. Should this state-sponsored murder therefore remain legal though obviously not in line with our Constitution or with the commandments of God who made this nation and gave us our lives and rights? The answer is of course not. It is a Nazi law, a law dictated not by what is right but by the immorality of a bunch of judges. Do we Americans want to be represented to the world by a man who does not know the difference between right and wrong and has a mass murder program in his political platform? An enemy of God is an enemy of the United States of America.

The other day I saw the film “Valkyrie”. It is the story of Colonel Claus Count von Stauffenberg, the leader of the military resistance against Hitler. It is a great production and addresses the reality of Nazi Germany, which I had not previously seen done in this realistic form. It gives an inside view of a totalitarian world. The film has the right values and there is no partisanship.You find the bunch of evil people, the patriots and the appeasers. It translates faith in God in civil responsibility and action of people who put their lives and the existence of their families on line.

It was hard for me to see these Nazi gangsters in power and watch the execution of Stauffenberg and his fellow officers. Among the executed were 19 generals, 20 colonels, 2 ambassadors, 7 diplomats, 1 cabinet member, 3 state secretaries, the head of the German criminal investigation, and many high-ranking civil servants. They were the best of Germany.

The film is very moving. It hit me into the center of my being. The godless will not like the story. I am with Stauffenberg who stated, “I could not look into the eyes of the wives and children of our fallen, if I wouldn`t try to do everything possible to prevent the sacrifice of human lives.”

All of this happened in one country where God and his commandments were ousted in government and society. But we were rescued by the soldiers of a free and moral America, to whom I owe my life in freedom. And believe me I smell a rat where there is a rat. And do you think that this cannot happen here? Do not be so sure. Today, however, it is not just one country which is heading in the wrong direction - it is our civilization which is at stake. The issue in the global ideological war is the role of God in human society. That is why we need leaders and citizens who put God into the center of the United States so that America finds again the direction of our Founding Fathers.