World Congress of Families: The Natural Family

The World Congress of Families believes the natural family is the fundamental unit of society; that it is the basis of all healthy and progressive civilizations. The best definition of the natural family we know of (we helped to craft it) comes from the second World Congress of Families gathering.

"The natural family is a man and woman bound in a lifelong covenant of marriage for the purposes of:

the continuation of the human species,

the rearing of children,

the regulation of sexuality,

the provision of mutual support and protection,

the creation of an altruistic domestic economy, and

the maintenance of bonds between the generations."

Our use of the term "natural family" is significant in many respects.

First, the term signifies a natural order to family structures that is common across cultures, historical, and overwhelmingly self-evident.

Second, the term signifies a wholly defensible expression. "Natural" is not "nuclear," which would limit its scope, nor is it "traditional," which would burden its utility in public discourse. It is what it is, a totally self-evident expression.

Third, the term "natural" precludes incompatible constructs of the family as well as incompatible behaviors among its members.

Fourth, the "natural family" is a positive expression. It does not require a discussion of negative incompatibilities to define itself.