Watch Out For HRC (Gay) Tomato Worms; a Parable by Chuck Sproull

This is a parable comparing natural enemies of our gardens to the moral and spiritual enemies of our American Culture. Chuck Sproull

Recently I went out to look at our garden, and noticed leaves and buds missing from the top of a tomato plant. After looking very carefully inside the plant, I finally saw the culprit – a Tomato Worm. Their pretty light green skin and texture allows them to blend in so well with the leaves and stems of the plant they are devastating, that it’s almost impossible to see them ... until you to look a little closer.

According to the “Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Insects,” “Tomato Worms” are the larva form of the Polyphemus Moth. Now, I am not “worm phobic” or hateful. But because of what I know about these worms, and because I care for the well-being of our tomatoes and want something more valuable growing in my garden, I removed the worm. A couple of weeks later that plant again produced good tomatoes.

If a gardener knew ahead of time what destruction would happen, would he allow Tomato Worms in his garden? No. Because Tomato Plants are vulnerable, so they need someone to protect them. With minimal care by the gardener (water, till, fertilize, support), Tomato Plants can have all the freedom they need to live and produce their fruit. Worms may desire "equal rights" and “protected minority” status, but not in my garden. Granting worms "equal rights" would destroy my Tomato Plant's freedom of expression.

You see it is impossible for Tomato Worms to co-exist with Tomato Plants for very long, because pretty soon the worms will kill that portion of their food supply. So it would be wise for the gardener to plan ahead by spraying with insecticide, or remove the worms before they kill the Tomato Plants. [Or, if there is any beneficial purpose for preserving a Tomato Worm population (eg; preserve the balance of that eco-system, they also eat hardwood tree leaves in the forest but are nor destructive there) then the Tomato Worm’s population and activity would need to be strictly controlled and regulated.]

The message here is that thousands of unselfish, honest people can live peacefully together in a community, with minimal regulation by standards and procedures (laws), and protection from internal and external enemies by a small government. People who cultivate those core values are able to obey Jesus’ 2nd Commandment in Matt 7:12, 22:39 (which fulfills the righteousness of Commandments 5-10) by doing to others as they would have others do to them, and loving their neighbor as themselves. But if one selfish, dishonest person moves in, then that entire community would need extra laws and enforcements in order to protect their property and lives.

Do selfish, dishonest, domineering people want others to treat them, they treat others? No. It is impossible for them to co-exist with unselfish, honest people; unless there are volumes of clearly written laws with no loopholes, strong consistent law enforcement and punishments, and bigger and more expensive government to protect the latter’s culture from devastation by the former’s corruptions (eg; hatred, violence, robbery, murder, lies, sexual perversions, diseases).

There may not be any written laws against selfish and dishonest emotions, and no way to enforce them if such laws did exist. But there are enforceable laws against the products of selfishness and dishonesty, the outward behaviors and actions (“the issues of life” that come out of our hearts (Prov 4:23)). God inspired Commandments 5-10 to be written to protect relationships within family and communities from these emotions and resulting destructive behaviors. These Commandments aren’t limited to one religion, but are common sense principles of human life, (included in Hammurabi’s Code for the Sumerians over 200 years before the Law and in Buddha’s 8-Fold Path to Perfection for the Hindus over 900 years later).

Laws can tell people what to do and not to do; and law enforcement can force people to obey when they don’t want to, and can find offenders guilty and punish them. And respect for others and self-control can go a long way towards personal contributions to regulated society. But only God’s freely given, life-changing divine influence (grace) can cleanse these corruptions out of our hearts, and fill our lives with love, peace, joy, holiness. When God (especially through remission and regeneration that began on the Day of Pentecost – Acts 2:4,38) gives us “a new heart” and writes His laws in our hearts (Ezek 36:26), this cleanses out of our hearts all the selfishness and dishonesty and other bad influences that caused us to disobey the law, and puts within our hearts a more sensitive conscience and a desire to fulfill the righteousness of the Law. What’s wrong with right? Morality and law-abiding, whether voluntary or enforced, are good; but the righteousness of God’s Kingdom with love, joy, peace and holiness is more excellent.

The "Human Rights Campaign" (especially their homosexual and abortion agenda) is infesting American culture like Tomato Worms in our gardens. If someone was selling pretty red apples, but you knew ahead of time they were rotten on the inside, would you buy apples from him? No. HRC may try to look good outwardly, but they are rotten to the core. If they started out honestly admitting to the general public their overall purpose and consequences, would we have accepted them? No. So, they are blending in subtly, like Satan did in Eden (Gen 3:1-4). He added one word, “not,” to God’s warning and turned it into a false promise. This generated the skepticism that is so prevalent in the world today, that causes people to doubt the severity of God’s warnings and reduces the importance of receiving God’s promises.

HRC blends into our society by identifying themselves with decent concepts like "gay" (which used to mean happy), “civil” (which refers to civilized behavior, the opposite of uncivilized, barbarian, animal behavior), “rights” (which refers to the Bill of Rights - responsible freedoms God inspired our Founders to write for us and govern us), “marriage” (which refers specifically to the totally committed, intimate, caring relationship between one man and one women), and “diversity” (which refers to various kinds of moral people living peacefully in the same communities and working together). Even their rainbow colored dancing people figures are now appearing in news letters.

HRC forcefully demands “gay rights” (which are actually sad, unhealthy wrongs) and desires to legalize so-called "gay marriage" between two people of the same gender. But, so-called "homosexual marriage" is physically and bio-chemically impossible. Two men or two women are just not able to "marry." There is no man who can be a “help meet” (helper appropriate, suitable) for another man, nor one woman for another. But only one man and one woman are able to “marry” and "become one flesh" as our Creator intended, and to produce children, “the gift of God.” Then HRC supporters claim, “Oh, there’s no danger or threat to society or to your children, because gay marriage is only for consenting adults." Only the gullible public, politicians and judges (vulnerable due to ignorance of the Bible, nature, and U.S. and world history) believe this lie. But let’s look a little closer.

"Diversity in the workplace" consists of many factors including race, nationality, skin color, looks, sex (male or female), education, religion and thinking style (rational vs intuitive, high level vs detail). I believe “Diversity” is a wonderful concept that can eliminate prejudice among people and enable us to work together more effectively. God created mankind as unique individuals, with a wide spectrum of hormone balances, body physiology, and brain capabilities, and broad diversity of abilities and inabilities, strengths and weaknesses, and sensitivities and insensitivities. So, diversity was created by God, but He also created moral standards of life.

When we combine in mutual respect and cooperative working relationships, our diverse qualities don’t conflict as clenched fists, or cancel each other out; but instead enable us fit together like praying hands and interact as members of a healthy body. Combining our abilities reduces the negative effects of our individual weaknesses and multiplies our corporate strength. Also, regardless of diversity factors, it is possible, and I believe most effective, for all types of people to live healthy within decent, moral standards.

But looking closer at the lists of diversity factors, in addition to (and located several factors away from) from “sex,” I see "gender preference." Why is this hiding in our “diversity in the workplace”? Does this refer to people who desire freedom to change their gender, or which gender to have intimate relationships with? Looking even deeper under the surface, we can see dozens of immoral, abusive, perverted sexual acts HRC wants to legalize. Looking still deeper, we can see that these acts are causing serious diseases and psychological problems that are shortening the lives of our citizens, and ruining their fruit. (“Schools withhold sad facts about homosexual lifestyle,” by Rick Fitzgibbons, and “The Negative Health Effects of Homosexuality” by Timothy J. Dailey, Ph. D.).

According to a Guide Magazine article written 20 years ago, "The Overhauling of Straight America,” HRC's dishonest propaganda includes making homosexual relationships look as good as normal marriage (“sexual orientation” is a code word for homosexuality), make normal people's opposition to homosexuality appear as “homophobia” and hatred, and make gays look like victims of “hate crimes “so we will feel sorry for them. Actually, they are victims - of deception. These are the same deceptive strategies and propaganda that allowed a small minority of Nazis and homosexuals to dominate in Germany’s 3rd Reich, and kill millions of Jews and effeminate homosexuals during the Holocaust. After WWII, HRC came over to America and started over again. Liberals in our Government and recent events in our Whitehouse resemble the Nazi character described in Scott Lively’s book “Pink Swastika.”

All of this is based on two ungodly character attributes - selfishness and dishonesty. Disguised as good, but hiding in the shadows and blending in with our legal, political, religious and social organizations, they are devastating our American culture. But the same God who gave us our wonderful American culture warns us, “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil” (Isa 5:20).

Diversity is good, and all kinds of people included in diversity can live morally decent and can enjoy the pleasures of normal marriage if they accept the many responsibilities. According to The July 11, 2003 “Federalist” and the “Texas vs Lawrence” case (that opened the flood gates of this national travesty by weakening State’s authority to enforce laws against homosexuality), this "gender preference" concept is a European standard being added to our American Constitution. Regardless of what’s happening in Europe, in America we don’t need to add perversity to diversity. What positive value is there in homosexual behavior? Therefore, I recommend deleting “gender preference” and “sex” from our listings of American “diversity” factors, and using the more discrete term “gender.”

The very finest expression of diversity, I believe, and the greatest enhancement to diversity in our homes, workplaces and communities, would be for masculine men and feminine women to cultivate the gender distinctions they were born with, without domineering or abusing each other, and giving the next generation a good impression of their's and the opposite gender.

In America we need voters and leaders who have the vision and personal character to provide strong but good-natured opposition to the encroachment of all infestations of the HRC, and to protect our normal marriages and our children (both pre-born in their mother’s wombs and in public schools). These are vitally-important elements of life. If anyone does not have the vision to see these long tern dangers, nor the moral strength “to protect America from internal and external enemies” (quote from American Citizenship Pledge), he/she does not deserve to be in a leadership position.

We need earnest prayer to God every day in homes and public schools, and churches that reach out in love to preach deliverance from sin through the complete new birth in Acts 2. For how can we protect the wonderful heritage God gave us 230 years ago (through the Bible-based convictions of our Founders), unless we continue abiding in His unchanging influence in our present day culture?

Many Americans want our heritage (children and grandchildren) to live in America having diversity, but also with good morals. “Righteousness exalteth a nation…” (Proverbs 14:34). USA could be a lighthouse of moral guidance to the rest of the world. In 1630, aboard the ship Arbella lying off the Massachusetts shore, Pilgrim leader John Winthrop wrote, "For we must consider that we shall be as ‘a city upon a hill.’ The eyes of all people are upon us.” Who has the vision to plan ahead and provide the most wholesome culture for our future generations, and courage to represent us in the next Congress?