Messiah Obama's Annointing (Inaugural) to Cost Record $150,000,000

$100 Million More Than Previous Inaugurals! Web News Traditional Values Coalition

Homosexual Bishop Invited To Give Invocation

Washington, DC will be converted into a military zone during President-Elect Obama’s Inauguration on January 20 when he is sworn in as President of the United States.

More than 12,500 active duty soldiers and reservists, and thousands of police from DC and 57 departments around the nation will provide unprecedented security. In addition, U.S. military will fly air patrols, man surface-to-air systems, patrol the Potomac River with gunboats, assess chemical and biological threats and provide both visible and invisible on-the-ground security.

Why? – Because outgoing President Bush has declared a state of emergency for the District of Columbia in order to free up additional funds to provide security for the Inauguration.

It is estimated that Obama’s Inauguration will cost as much as $150 million – making it the most expensive inauguration in history. It far overshadows the $42.3 million for the Bush inauguration in 2005 and the $33 million for Bill Clinton in 1993.

The federal government had earmarked $49 million for the event, but the Bush emergency request will add millions more for security. The states of Virginia and Maryland are also spending millions on security measures.

Obama has raised $43 million for the event. Taxpayers are apparently picking up the tab for the rest. How can Obama justify such gross expenditures in these tough economic times?

Liberals criticized Bush’s 2005 inauguration as being excessively expensive and wasteful of taxpayer dollars, but are gushing over the lavish spending of the Obama team for this inauguration.

Homosexual Bishop And Partner Are Honored Guests

President-Elect Obama has invited Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson to give the invocation at an event this coming Sunday and he will be attending the swearing-in ceremony and prayer breakfast with his sodomy partner.

Robinson was interviewed by lesbian commentator Rachel Maddow on MSNBC this week. Robinson told her that he had been a behind-the-scenes advisor to Obama on gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues before the election. He believes that Obama will support the homosexual agenda during the next four years.

Robinson’s elevation to Bishop status has caused a major split in the Episcopal Church over his open homosexual lifestyle. Numerous formerly Episcopal Churches, now Anglican churches, have aligned themselves under the Nigerian and Ugandan Anglican churches.

In 2007, Robinson bragged about having a civil union ceremony with his partner in June, 2008. “I always wanted to be a June bride,” said Robinson.

Homosexual Band To March In Parade – ‘Gayla’ To Be Held

Not only will Bishop Robinson be honored by Obama, but a homosexual band will march in the Inaugural parade. With the weather expected to be at or below freezing in Washington, DC, it is unlikely that homosexuals will walk naked down the street as they do in most so-called “pride parades” across the nation in June.

In addition, homosexuals will be holding a “Gayla” on Sunday night from 8 p.m. until 2 a.m. Rep. Barney Frank will be attending this event. One of the entertainers that evening is a transvestite who calls himself Shi-Queeta-Lee.

There will be other numerous homosexual festivities during the Inauguration. For Example, see: 'Pig sex' orgy set for inaugural week (posted yesterday on patriotsandliberty)