Commentary by Linda: The Anti-Messiah's Inversion of Truth, Morality, and the Natural Order

Among the characteristics of the Antichrist, are these: He will show contempt for human traditions by changing the laws and the calendar (Daniel 7:25).

He will be shrewd and deceitful (Daniel 8:23 & 25, Psalm 43:1, and Psalm 52:2).

He will persecute believers (Daniel 7:21 and Revelation 13:7).

He will be a sexual pervert (Daniel 11:37).

Within minutes and hours of the new 'messiah's' takeover of the highest, most powerful office in America, the White House website was changed from anti-abortion (pro-human life and God-given right to life) to pro-abortion (anti-human life and anti-God given right to life). Additionally, as Worldview Weekend reports, "Obama Administration Has Hate Crime Agenda on Website Within Hours of President Obama Taking Oath." In a similar report, MassResistance makes clear the meaning of this change:

"Within an hour of his swearing-in, the following was posted on the official White House website, as Obama’s immediate “civil rights” goals.

Protect cross-dressing and transgenderism in workplace (including schools) through federal law: Pass “Employment non-discrimination Act” [EDNA] to prohibit “discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity or expression”.

Expand hate crime statutes, including the radical “Matthew Shepard Act” which would allow the federal government to prosecute and punish if the crime was perceived to be “motivated by prejudice based on the actual or perceived . . . gender, sexual orientation, gender identity” of the victim.

“Reinvigorate” the federal Department of Justice to pursue prosecution current hate crime laws against citizens.

Repeal the Defense of Marriage Act [DOMA]

Push for full civil unions and federal recognition of homosexual couples, with benefits equal to actual marriage. (This appears to be leading up to full federal recognition of same-sex “marriage”.)"

Ominously, the 'change' promised by America's Progressive Liberal anti-Messiah reveals its ugly face as change from pro-truth, liberty, natural order and traditional (Biblical) morality to anti-truth, anti-natural order, anti-liberty, and anti-morality. All together, this is 'political correctness'. Political correctness has a more ominous name--Cultural Marxism.

By way of these progressive 'changes,' murder of the unborn is now a moral 'good' while the unnatural and abnormal (deviancy/perversions) are the new 'anti-norms and anti-standards' and dissenters will be tyrannized and charged with hatecrime laws, a tool of terror and oppression utilized by Marxist Communists, Nazis and now by America's Progressive Liberals. And why will Progressive Liberals utilize evil Communist and Nazi terror tactics? The short answer is that Progressive Liberalism is both a continuation and fusion of Marxist Communism and National Socialism. In other words, Progressive Liberalism is cut from the very same cloth as both Marxist Communism and National Socialism (Nazism).

By his actions, America's anti-Messiah has essentially criminalized the morally-informed conscience and intends to use the full force of our corrupted law and government to coerce, intimidate, and terrorize us into conforming to evil. Say good-bye to freedom of conscience, speech, and religion unless we become willing to fight for them, for otherwise, hate crime laws--- which are really 'conscience-and-thought' crime laws parading as a 'good thing' but which are really sledgehammers of terror--- will be used to smash us. "He will show contempt for human traditions by changing the laws...(Daniel 7:25)" and, "He will persecute believers (Daniel 7:21 and Revelation 13:7)."

During the inauguration of this man---a man who was mentored in his youth by a Marxist pedophile, prayers were offered up by Bishop Robinson---a practicing 'gay' male---to the emerging Pantheon of 'many gods' of 'many understandings,' and as Obama proclaimed in a nod to America's New Age pantheism, in this New Age we are now "One." Where as before we were unique individuals made in the spiritual image of the living God, we are now 'one' with Nature. What does this mean? It means that in the eyes of our new masters, 'we the people' are nothing more than despiritualized, dehumanized extensions of nature. We are subhuman animals and as such are the 'same as' or made 'equal with' bugs, fish, apes, trees, and pondscum. This is the true meaning of the 'equality' spoken of by our new 'spiritual communist green-regime. This view differs little from the ancient pantheist view which saw mankind as divided into two classes---subhumans (slave-masses) and the much smaller group of 'elite' humans who lived parasitic lives at the expense of the enslaved masses. And why the similarities between ancient paganism (pantheism) and Progressive Liberalism? The answer is that the metaphysical foundation of Progressive Liberalism and its evil sisters, Marxist Communism and National Socialism, is naturalism---also kinown as pantheism--revised, modernized, and made palatable for the proud Westerner.

In this light, we can now understand why Obama made Cass Sunstein---a quasi-Buddhist fruitcake animal rights advocate---one of his czars. Once more, we see utter contempt for the living God and His created order. Even more ominous, by reducing mankind to the level of bugs and pondscum, the spiritual image of the living God has been---by way of imagination and word-magic--- obliterated from the face of mankind, His children. The Bible not only speaks of soul-stealers, but condemns all forms of magic and tells us that God will throw down all things of the imagination. Now we more easily understand what God means.

By his inclusion of Bishop Vickie Gene Robinson, who in ancient times would have been a Galli---a High Priest of the androgynous (he-she) Cybele, the 'god-goddess'---or perhaps a member of the gnostic-Nassene cult which taught that man is androgynous, Obama publicly signaled his advocacy for the inversion of God's created order, in this case the two sexes, male and female: "male and female He created them" (Genesis). By extension of the illogic of this inversion of reality, the pantheist 'creator' of everything must surely be androgynous (he-she), hence marriage ought to be open to every sexual appetite, and anyone who dissents is obviously a 'sinner' guilty of intolerance, hatred, bigotry, racism, and homophobia. And if all of this is true, then Biblical moral absolutes, immutable truths, sin (as defined by the Bible), the created order, norms, and standards are false.

Obviously, the 'new truth' (moral relativism) is that there is No Truth, hence we have returned to the days of Pilate, who asked, "What is truth?" In this light is revealed the absolute, prophetic truth of the Revealed Word: He will invert the created order, deny Truth (the living God) and, "He will be shrewd and deceitful (Daniel 8:23 & 25, Psalm 43:1, and Psalm 52:2)".

And by his presence, Pastor Rick Warren---the businessman as pastor--- draped a limp cross over this entire sordid affair, giving the illusion that our heavenly Father must surely approve of this pantheist 'oneness fest.' Warren's mesmerized flock of sheeple raised their awestruck voices in concert with all other foolish Christian sheeple, offering praise and thanks, and rejoicing that the 'New Messiah,' the 'deliverer' has come to save us. Yahweh warned us that, 'for a lack of knowledge (Revealed Truth) you will be destroyed.' Many ignorant sheeple are now traveling the well-worn, downward-spiraling highway whose name is Legion: 'tolerance, ignorance, self-idolatry'--- the broad, smooth, easy highway of Pride of Mind, Pride of Flesh, and Pride of Eye.

Ideas have consequences, or as the Bible teaches, 'as a man believes, so he is.' This is a reality we have forgotten, and are now paying a terrible price for.

Only time will reveal if this man is the final antichrist and if "He will be a destructive man of bloodshed (Psalm 5:6 and Daniel 8:24-25). However, by his actions and advocacy, it currently appears he is adding himself to history's list of antichrist-types, for example, Domitian, Nero, Karl Marx, Nietzsche, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, and Hitler. He may yet repent. We need to pray that he will do so.