Commentary by Linda: Election Day 2008---Return of the Fascists

Before Progressives began calling themselves Liberals, they openly called themselves Fascists, as historian Jonah Goldberg reveals in his splendidly researched book, "Liberal Fascism.' This was during the Pres. Woodrow Wilson regime, a regime that openly admired not only Mussolini and Hitler, but Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin. That's right---the very first totalitarian Fascist regime of the 20th century was not under Mussolini and Hitler but right here in America. In fact, it was the evil eugenics program invented by America's anti-human fascists that was later copied by Hitler. It was only after the horrors of the Holocaust were broadcast to the world that America's Progressive Fascists hurriedly 'hid' their eugenics program (it operates today as 'choice,' PlannedParenthood, abortion mills, euthanasia or 'right to die' etc), renamed themselves Liberals, and on advice from Stalin and the Communist Party USA, transferred their guilt onto Conservatives by way of a masterful propaganda coup pulled off with the connivance of the New York Times and other Progressive controlled media. As a result, conservatives and orthodox Christians are to this very day, demonized as 'fascists.' We are the scapegoats, and on our backs are the evils committed by Progressives. On Election Day 2008, surely a day of infamy, deceived, starry-eyed America's enthroned a spellbinder, a man they perceive as their new 'Savior,' and thereby ushered in a new era of Progressive Fascism.