UK: Boy, 5, Forcibly Taken from Grandparents and Handed Over to 'Gay' Males for Adoption; Boy Cries to Stay with Grandparent

Boy, 5, forced into adoption with gay couple pleads: 'We want to stay with our gran and grandad'By Jonathan Brocklebank and Michael SeamarkLast updated at 4:44 PM on 29th January 2009 Comments (278) Add to My Stories The mother of two children who are being adopted by gay men even though their grandparents want to care for them wept yesterday as she told of her final meeting with her son and daughter.

‘I told them, “Listen, Mummy is not going to see you for a while”,’ she said. Her son replied: ‘But Mummy, I want to come and stay with you and Granny and Grandad.’ The row over the future of the five-year-old boy and four-year-old girl intensified yesterday after the Daily Mail revealed details of the heartbreaking case. Their grandparents spent two years fighting for the right to care for the

But social workers said their ages – he is 59 and she is 46 – and their health – he has angina and she is diabetic – ruled them out. The mother told

She voiced her anger at the decision to allow her son and daughter to be fostered by a homosexual couple. ‘I did not under any circumstances want my children to be placed with gay men. I wanted them to have a mum and a dad.

‘They can’t be telling me that, within a 60-mile radius, the only people they could find to look after my children were two men.

‘I’ve got nothing against gay people. I’ve got gay friends, but children need a mum and a dad, not a dad and another dad.