The Godless Collective

byPaul Trog

Crawling out of the belly of the world's Mega Debt Bubble, a creature emerged: GLOBALISM.

Its birth was induced by a calamitous breakdown of the world's financial, commercial and industrial base. A Godless Collective engineered this catastrophy and facilitated its development. Globalism is its brainchild. With its holistic approach to solving both the riddle of man and the structure of human society on a global scale, they believe that the inherent duality in man's self is at the origin of every human conflict. 'God is dead' is their battlecry, expressing their resolve to extirpate God's presence out of man's being.

Both the Ego and consequently, every function of human society at every level, is to be restructured according to their global vision. Genetic manipulation, engineering of ancestral sequences, and daring mutations, induced in the psychological structure of man, will be performed. Concurrently, the restructuring of commerce, finance, manufacturing and so forth, will be carried out. Yes, globalism is no longer a specter. Its living presence, intended to be the ultimate 'ism', is among us. An unlikely triumvirate laboured restlessly to facilitate its emergence: Freemasonry, the Marxist ideology and the 'vision thing' of the committed adherents of Cecil Rhodes seeded the ideas of Globalism, then planted them systematically into the body politic, academia, and spread them from there into the financial, commercial and industrial realm.

As a precursor, the World Bank was established in Washington. The plan induced travails which encompassed the systematic deconstruction of the democratic nation state, the dislocation of its industrial base by relocation into foreign countries, the destruction of its financial system, the watering down of religious beliefs, the secret fostering of drug use, and, through the media, forcing the concentration of world attention on marginal problems in remote places, thus diverting mankind's attention onto the irrelevant.

Conflict creation and orchestration was another effective element of the plan. A multitude of 'manageable' wars were fostered, thus bleeding and weakening the nation states into a needed receptiveness for reform. The Godless collective's aim: A world dictatorship with global powers. As a primary commitment, it means to eradicate the authentic self which resides in the soul of man since creation, the one that God breathed into the clay.

Very dangerous times await those who, in longing for the Divine, took Christ on the cross to heart. Chosen, and by their own choice, they are the seeds of another realm; a world that all mankind secretly longs for but is powerless to achieve: The Kingdom of God.

In relentless pursuit, they will be searched for and if found, they will either be turned around by various unspeakable methods, or eliminated. Imitatio Christi, or the imitation of Christ in the traditional surface ways, will no longer suffice. A rugged, personal Christianity will be necessary and must be developed: Intimatio Christi is the aim; it entails the intimate presence of Christ fully embracing and protecting, guiding the God given self at all times.

May Almighty God prevail forever with all His power and mercy!

Paul Trog Innsbruck, Dec.12, 2008