Commentary by Linda: Darwinism---An Utterly Absurd Superstition

In an on-line discuss forum that I sometimes frequent, a Darwinian atheist presented the latest scientistic 'facts' purporting to provide conclusive evidence that dinosaurs miraculously changed into birds by way of nine evolutionary stages. If it's true that dinosaurs changed into birds, then it's also true that Nimrod was a fish before miraculously changing into a man and then into a god, for this is his claim as told in the ancient Gilgamesh Epic. By extension of this 'logic,' all men---or at least the 'chosen' ones--- are destined to become gods. Our prideful atheist, believing himself in possession of this Absolute Truth, immediately launched a vulgar attack upon 'stupid creationists,' saying,

"Watch for all these dumb-a** Biblical Creation Theory bullsh**ters post false information denying Evolutionary Fact...Its a shame when they chose superstition over science."

I rephrased his question and politely asked,

"In other words, belief that mankind's distant ancestors were thinking, reasoning people just like us is 'Biblical superstition' but belief that mankind's distant ancestor was mindless, soulless primordial slime is a sign of 'enlightenment' and 'science'?

Showing that Pride goes before a Fall, the forum began to resonnate with an awful, throbbing silence accompanied by drifting tendrils of sulphuric-smoke.