Mass. RMV Responds with Dishonesty to Outraged Citizens Criticism of 'Transgender' Licenses

Massresistance Update The Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) is replying to angry citizens over their new "transgender" policy with blatantly misleading and dishonest emails.

As MassResistance recently reported, the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) has just taken the extremely radical step of allowing a person's actual sex to be replaced with "the gender that the individual considers himself or herself to be" on official drivers' licenses and other state-issued identity cards! In other words, a man going into a women's locker room could pull out an official ID "proving" he's a woman because he "considers" himself to be one. The story subsequently was covered on some national and local news outlets.

According to the homosexual newspaper Bay Windows, this action was the result of a collaboration between newly appointed RMV head Rachel Kaprielian (a long-time pro-homosexual activist) and several hardcore homosexual groups, plus openly gay state Rep. Carl Sciortino (D-Somerville).

People who communicated with the RMV through their web form contact page were all sent the following email:

Thank you for taking the time to let us know what you think about the RMV's transgender policy. As a customer service-based public agency we value the opinions of the people we serve.

Let me take a minute to clarify some misconceptions about this policy. The RMV has been issuing licenses to transgender persons for more than a decade. But we recently updated our Massachusetts Gender Designation Change form to more accurately reflect the laws of the Commonwealth.

Massachusetts law does not require an applicant seeking to amend his/her gender designation on a license or ID card to undergo sex reassignment surgery. However, the applicant must provide certification from their medical or social service provider that he/she has been living the life of that gender.

The law also allows any person to use a name other than the one that appears on his/her birth certificate, as long as the adopted name is not being used for fraudulent purposes. Therefore a court-approved legal name is not required to amend a license or ID card in Massachusetts.

Finally, Massachusetts law does not require an applicant to provide an amended birth certificate. Again, the RMV is relying on the sworn affidavit of the medical or social service provider to attest that the applicant has been and will continue to live the life of a male or female.

We hope this clarifies the nature of the recent changes in the RMV's transgender policy. Thank you for using


Blatantly dishonest

In this email, the RMV (through their spokesman "Will") says this change is "to accurately reflect the laws of the Commonwealth." What laws? The General Laws do not address transgenderism, or "changing" one's sex, in any way. Thus, the RMV goes on to say that since the laws do not prohibit them from allowing a person to do this, the RMV is free to allow it! The "certification from a medical or social service provider" is simply a low hurdle that the RMV decided to require.

The email adds to the confusion by describing changes in birth certificates, which has very little to do with this issue.

Of course, the RMV could be like other states, and simply say that this is too bizarre and leads to all kinds of social lunacy. It's their decision; they're not forced to do anything. The truth is, of course, that a person cannot "change" one's sex. One's DNA is always either male or female, no matter what mutilations one does to the body.

This is an example the radicalism and lunacy that has taken over Massachusetts government.

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