Commentary by Linda: Americas' Spiritual War---The People versus the Beastmen

The Founders based our Constitutional Republic and our rights on the Bibles' dualistic view of man, that is, though physically man is an animal, spiritually he is made in the image of his living Creator. Hence, while his body is of the natural realm, spiritually (soul, mind, conscience, free will) man transcends the natural realm. Man then is no mere animal and is not to be treated nor thought of as such, for by being created in the spiritual image of his Creator he is of divine origin. It is on this view of man that Noah Webster defines person in his American Dictionary of the English Language 1828---- "An individual human consisting of body and soul." The plural of person is people, thus the Declaration---the charter document--- declares that 'we the people' are endowed by God with inalienable rights. The Constitutions' enumeration of rights is based upon the Founders understanding of the deeper levels of meaning within our God given rights. Property rights for instance, refer primarily to spiritual property such as conscience and thought. These spiritual rights then find outward expression as Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, and Freedom of Conscience. In this light we can see that the founding documents are great spiritual documents.

To the extent that our Republic is founded upon Biblical precepts, the degradation, blasphemy, deepening depravity, increasing lawlessness, and epidemic of moral imbecility plaguing and destroying our freedoms and civilization comes into focus when seen as a war against God and the Biblical foundations of our Republic. In sum, traditional America is under fierce spiritual attack and this is why we find ourselves living in abnormal times.

Perhaps no more blatant example of abnormalcy and mindless lunacy can be found than in modern mans' denial of his own soul, mind, conscience, and free will, for liberation from God, norms, standards, and universal moral law requires this denial as does acceptance of Darwinism. In short, liberating himself from God, prideful, Darwinian modern man finds he has reduced himself to a beast. Pride now demands that everyone else be reduced to the level of beasts, else how can beastman maintain his narcissistic sense of superiority?

In an online discuss group dominated by Darwinian beastmen, Orwell-the-beastman accused me of vanity for my defense of God. Tact and diplomacy are virtually impossible in such situations, for truth is a light that exposes ugliness, absurdity, and all else that hides in the dark. Hence my response immediately focused on the absurdly bizarre, self-delusional basis of his attack, which I phrased thusly:

"Orwell-the-beastman labels a human person as vain unless that person willingly submits to the depraved authority of the Darwinian beastman anticreation mythos, thereby 'selling' his soul, mind, conscience, and free will as Orwell has done. The coming New World Order is to be the Planet of the Beastmen?"

That Orwell-the beastman is spiritually blind to his 'Orwellian' double-speak and bizarre self-delusion is understandable, for he has sold his soul and mind and suffers from a debilitating case of envy and cognitive dissonance---envy and pride-fueled self-delusion and moral imbecility.