Revolution Begins: Tax Revolt is the Peaceful Answer

By JB Williams Monday, February 23, 2009

America is certainly headed for very difficult times and from investors to employers to employees and retirees, people of all political stripes are beginning to react to an overbearing federal government that is behaving more like a heavy handed left-wing dictatorship than a representative republic.

The US Constitution is being shredded, replaced by progressive democratic socialism. The DOW lost 27% of its value during the last six months of 2008. But it has already lost another 12% in the first thirty days of unbridled Democrat rule.

Washington DC leftists strong armed a so-called “stimulus bill” through congress without any real bi-partisan support. The people are now figuring out that it was not an “economic stimulus” effort, but rather a forty year wish list of leftist government run asset redistribution.

Talk of a second Civil War, another revolution, a Tea Party, are growing by the day as the new fed moves to confiscate private property and power in the name of a “greater communal good” and the “general welfare” of the people at large.

Last Friday, the Obama White House tried to reassure fleeing investors that it had no intention of “nationalizing” the banking industry. By Monday morning, Democrats confirmed that they were indeed planning to “nationalize” the banking industry, one bank at a time, beginning with Citi Group.

For a change, people are paying attention. They simply aren’t buying the leftist lies anymore and they are making their own plans.

But what does it all mean? Popular left-wing political blog OpEdNews published a column titled Firestorm Brewing Between U.S. States and Federal Government, with some very interesting results. The column quotes hardcore libertarian Alex Jones, as its authority on progress towards a “New World Order.” (I think they mean One World Order, which is something quite different, although the two are often intentionally and unwittingly confused.)

The column is almost a right-wing departure from the left-wing rhetoric usually published by OpEdNews. But more interesting is OpEd reader reaction to the Jones based news that the left-wing fed has crossed some line that even liberals seem to oppose.

For the first time in decades, liberals and conservatives might actually be headed towards some form of agreement, which seemed entirely unlikely before the 2008 election cycle. As Obama, Pelosi and Reid rush to print trillions in funny money, and use it to buy up private assets placing them under the control of the failed federal wasteland, even liberals are starting to realize that individual liberty is not part of the new left agenda… They used to only be offended by the title “socialist.” Now they seem somewhat offended by the policy itself…

In another left-wing publication, TPM Cafe, a column titled Nationalize This! makes the tired old case for “nationalizing” private industry, using the same old leftist lies originally employed by people like Vladimir Lenin and Karl Marx. Essentially, they wrongly assert that capitalism relies up criminal capitalists to “self-regulate.” Then they make the insane claim that only a corrupt criminal government is capable of regulating industry.

Of course, capitalism does not rely on criminals to “self-regulate,” but rather upon informed consumers to put criminals out of business when they misbehave.

For decades now, many liberals have foolishly bought into anti-capitalism outright lies. But those days may be drawing to a close as liberals begin to figure out that it is our federal government that has spent eighty years, as Jefferson put it, “wasting the labors of the people under the false pretense of taking care of them.”

It is becoming glaringly obvious, even to liberals, that it is the fed that created, manipulated and perpetuated HUGE waste and outright fraud, leading the nation to the brink of bankruptcy today.

So, both conservatives and liberals are now talking about Tax Revolts, Tea Parties, States Rights, Civil War and another American Revolution.

The Key Maneuvers Over twenty state legislatures have now initiated efforts to reclaim state rights and state sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment in the US Constitution and that number is growing every day. This is a VERY strong indicator that the states are “fed” up with heavy handed usurpations of Constitutional restrictions on federal powers.

Weapons and ammunition sales sky rocketed a year before the 2008 election cycle as Americans obviously sensed a growing need to provide for their own safety and security looking forward. Americans continue to build up private arsenals at a record pace, but in preparation for what?

Key members of congress, many state legislators, millions of private citizens and now US military leaders are pursuing Obama birth and college records that could very well prove that Obama is constitutionally ineligible to serve in the office he currently holds. If successful, the matter will ignite an impending constitutional crisis the likes of which have never before been seen in the United States. It will certainly ignite civil unrest in cities across America, as a fraudulent usurper who was supported by 66 million voters, is removed from office.

Private investors are fleeing from a market which is losing any sense of freedom hour by hour as the Democratic Socialists running Washington DC via their Congressional Progressive Caucus, digs their claws deeper and deeper into the free market economy in an unprecedented effort to “nationalize” banking, energy, transportation, communication, public health, and basically, anything they think brings cash flow into the fed treasury. The DOW continues its slide into the abyss as the fed seeks a deeper grip on private industry and property. The DOW has now pushed below 7300 as I write, headed towards 7000 and nobody knows where the bottom is.

A growing number of state governors are threatening to reject alleged fed “bailout” money as they learn that the fed is using those funds to dictate to the states with a heavy hand. As people become more and more familiar with the train wreck spending spree Obama signed into law last week, and all of the strings attached, they realize that it is not a “bail out” of the free market economy, but a “buy out” of private industry and state powers and they don’t like it.

Tax Revolt – Tea Party movements are popping up all over the nation. The people are sick and tired of being told that even in financial crisis caused by the fed, they must tighten their belts in support of the fed. Taxes go up over and over because governments overspend their budgets over and over. Taxpayers are tired of tightening their belts at home, just to continue funding what is clearly a losing proposition.

Tax Evasion vs. Tax Revolt To put a fine point on this subject, if one man refuses to pay for this nonsense, he will likely lose everything and wind up in prison for tax evasion. Alone, he is powerless and vulnerable.

But if ten million taxpayers refuse to pay for this nonsense, it’s called a tax revolt. No taxpayer will lose everything or go to jail. Instead, the people in Washington DC who pushed American taxpayers to their breaking point, will be given the bums’ rush out of town, after being tarred and feathered.

A tax revolt must be well organized and enjoy broad based participation. Together, the taxpaying producers of any nation do have the political power through their checkbook, to right these wrongs. The question is - do they have the courage and good sense to use it yet, before they have no other alternative?

Secession vs. Revolution State legislatures rushing to reclaim states rights and sovereignty would be foolish to do so in preparation of a secession movement. Seceding from the union would render the US Constitution void and moot. It would be counter-productive to their interests.

Instead, I believe the current movement to reclaim state sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment is in preparation of a state led revolution, whereby the states can band together to put the fed back in its proper place.

A taxpayer revolution, led by the states seeking to reclaim their sovereignty and power, can band together in an effort to force the fed to back off of its current rush into disastrous democratic socialism. Obama claims that he has the right because the people voted for it. But did 66 million Americans really, knowingly, vote for unbridled secular socialism, open borders, the nationalizing of industry after industry? I don’t think so....

A Tax Revolt is the Peaceful Answer So many Americans have been indoctrinated into the belief that they have a right to other people’s stuff, that they are now claiming “sqautters’ rights” on homes that have been foreclosed on, and are settling into those homes as if they somehow earned them…

The half of Americans who pay little or no taxes, feel entirely entitled to the property of others. As a result, the other half of Americans who earned everything they own are growing impatient with those always in search of free access to other people’s property, and the politicians who bought their own power by perpetuating that myth.

A tax revolt is the peaceful answer to the problem. Cutting off the funding by revolting against punitive taxation and reminding people that freedom is not based upon free stuff, is the peaceful solution. If the people are ready to act peacefully in opposition, there will be no need for violent civil war or secession from the union.

When All Else Fails After the 2008 election, the horse is already out of the barn and trampling all over the rose garden. Democratic Secular Socialism is an American reality at this moment in history. Even leftist propaganda rags like Newsweek, that helped Obama take the White House, can’t avoid printing the truth today as demonstrated by their recent cover story claiming, “We’re All Socialists Now!”

Constitutional conservatives like presidential candidate Alan Keyes warn, “Stop Obama or U.S. will cease to exist.” Political pundits like Glenn Beck shout even stronger warnings for the American people, reporting that “Frustration is BOILING Over...” And now even liberals who voted for this crap, are starting to realize that they got more than they foolishly bargained for, as demonstrated by the OpEd piece linked above which states, “For years the Federal Government has presumed to be the all-powerful force governing our country, but it just could be that the Federal Government only exists at the pleasure of the state governments and the citizens thereof.”

Fellow conservative writer Joan Swirsky asks in her current New Media Journal column, “We’re Losing Our Country… But What Can We Do?” Well, in short, we can fight peacefully today, or violently tomorrow. We can fight with our checkbooks now or with our weapons later and later may come much sooner than you think. Take your pick....

Our votes didn’t stop this from happening and there won’t be another chance to use our vote until 2010, well past the point of no return.

Now we have to use other tools of engagement, and in American politics, there is no tool mightier than money. They can’t bring about socialism that the productive members of society refuse to fund. It’s just that simple…

But all revolutions require courage, focus, a purpose greater than self, and a willingness to sit petty differences aside in an effort to work together towards more important goals.

Obama is promising not to nationalize banking as he moves towards nationalizing banking. He is promising to slash deficit spending while he is fully engaged in a record level of deficit spending, to which there is no end in sight. Clearly, just as he did throughout his campaign, he is saying one thing while he is doing the exact opposite…

In the end, the question for every American is simple and Americans of every political stripe must answer the question…

If personal freedom and individual liberty are no longer important enough to fight for in America, then someone please, tell me what is?

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