Santelli-Inspired Tea Partys Become the Rage

No doubt about it: Populist messages resonate — and by the looks of it — those messages can grow pretty darn fast.

Last week, CNBC's Rick Santelli expressed the frustration of a lot of Americans who are working every day and paying their bills only to find out that, through President Obama's Mortgage Relief Plan, they also will be working to pay the bills of those that lived beyond their means.

Not exactly living the dream.

Santelli's populist message or rant, depending on who is framing the message, has begat a movement.

So, in the spirit of the Boston Tea Party and inspired by Santelli's challenge to stage a "Chicago Tea Party," average Americans are becoming activists around the country and planning "Tea Party" protests this week.

From Chicago to Boston, Los Angeles to D.C., Tea Party organizers are popping up everywhere.

Even CPAC, the conservative-palooza held in D.C. this weekend, will have a Tea Party of its own.

If you want an easy way to find out how to join up, just take a quick visit to the social network Facebook’s search drive, type in 'Santelli Tea Party' and all the deets you ever wanted are listed on several newly formed pages.

This revolution apparently will be televised, or at least 'You-Tubed.'