Time to STOP, CONFRONT, and DEFEAT Obama's Marxist Regime

February 23, 2009, 7:29 amKevin “Coach” Collins

The past two weeks have shown us our bleak future under Comrade Obama. Real Americans know something has to be done immediately to save our country. Sad experience proves we can’t depend on Congress to help us. Congress is as much our enemy as Obama. America can only be saved from the bottom up. Ordinary Americans, those who have always run to the fight when our country needed us, have to act. What these disgraceful people have given us clearly isn’t the country our forefathers fought and died to leave us.

We know we’re ready to fight even if our “leaders” are too timid to “lead” us.

We must arm ourselves with knowledge, find the courage then resolutely stop, confront, and defeat Obama’s plans to imprison us.

Pay federal taxes on April 15, not sooner. If you can deal with it, ask for an extension.

Mail tea bags to your representative; demanding he/she introduce legislation to overturn Porkulus.

Call, E-mail, speak to your Congressional representative. Tie up switchboards demanding answers about Porkulus. Demand an explanation of why he/she voted for Porkulus.

Demand a paper copy of Porkulus.

If a RINO is running in your district next year don’t send in a penny. Find a conservative to support. Get your facts straight then start showing up at local Republican Headquarters and be heard.

File FCC complaints whenever a radio or television show tries to sneak by some anti American propaganda.

Report every business you see using illegal aliens and report the illegals themselves.

Talk to other conservatives; exchange ideas on how to peacefully protest Porkulus.

Pray. You KNOW God doesn’t want America destroyed.

This fight is just beginning. New elections are coming. Let’s stop and confront the Marxists now. We can win. Restoring America is our mission. We have to win.

Cut out any expenses that lead to paying federal tax. Don’t buy things that carry a federal levy so we can stave the government of money and slow down its ability to give it away.

Use Email and electronic bill paying procedures to starve the Post Office.

If just one hundred thousand people did most of these things, the effects would be evident overnight.