What is Evil?

Sunday, March 8, 2009 at 04:20PMWell, to Evil, of course, which is my ruling theme for the foreseeable future, but that’s kind of a broad statement, so let me give you an excerpt from a bitingly insightful piece by a chap in Hollywood who calls himself David Kahane. He writes a column for NRO every once in awhile. Sadly, but probably unavoidably, his pieces have gone from incisively sarcastic and witty commentary on liberals to bitterly precise characterizations of the Obama agenda. Where I once spewed Diet Coke over my keyboard when I read his work, I now wince in horrified recognition of the current state of affairs. Here goes:

And so to Tolerance. For 40 years we have been provoking you, goading you, mocking you, denigrating you, demeaning your faith in God and country and yourselves. We turned the all-American dad into a doofus figure of fun. We’ve gotten you to loathe stay-at-home moms, celebrate pregnant teenagers, cheer for their abortions and sue the doctors when they botch them. We’ve convinced you that kids are smarter than their parents, that the poor are more virtuous than the rich, and that all cultures are equal. We demanded that you tolerate it — and you did! Chesterton, or some other religious nut, may have said that tolerance is the only virtue left to the man who no longer believes in anything, but so what? Tolerance is the only virtue you’re going to need while we destroy your culture, and when we’re finished, well, you won’t need it any more. Herbert Marcuse was right in Repressive Tolerance: The only thing we can’t tolerate is you.

I bolded four words and would remind you of an earlier post where I recounted a conversation with a liberal friend. Her precise words…”I love that there are going to be more abortions. I want there to be more abortions.” I doubt that my friend would be capable of discerning the malignancy in her words. She has been molded into a tolerance that cannot even recognize the wickedness of its fruit. Nor would she notice the irony of her imposition of tolerance on me—she cavalierly told me to “get used to it” when I expressed disagreement with her point of view.

Only when one of the indoctrinated is confronted directly with the consequences of her own twisted beliefs can we hope to bring her to recognition of the evil of current liberal principles. Thus, a teenager who offers her unborn child up to an abortionist is horrified when the baby is delivered alive—and the physician blithely throws it in the trash. What she could accept in the abstract (her choice to be free of an inconvenience), she could not tolerate in its bloody and ruthless reality. Will she have a conversion experience? We can only pray that she does.