Outrage in Connecticut: 'Gays' Push to Undermine and Destroy Catholic Church

By Kevin “Coach” Collins On March 5 the Connecticut State Legislature Judiciary Committee which is jointly chaired by Senator Andrew McDonald and Representative Michael Lawlor launched a direct attack on the Roman Catholic Churches in their state. The assault came in the form of a bill that would force Connecticut Catholic Bishops to relinquish control of their parishes and turn them over to a committee of lay parishioners. The view of the Diocese of Bridgeport is that this move “directly attacks the Roman Catholic Church and our Faith.”

If this bill becomes law it will exclude bishops from having any say in the workings of parishes and open each of them to secular influences that would certainly eventually lead to silencing the Church on important issues. If the wrong group of parishioners took power they could enforce rules directly challenging Catholic doctrine.

Since this is a blatant violation of the doctrine of separation of Church and State, and clearly at odds with the 1st and 14th Amendments and is a bill of attainder, it begs the questions: Why would this bill be introduced and cui bono ( who benefits)?

Research has provided some possible answers.

Why would anyone back this bill?

Connecticut based gay website, G.A.Y. (Good as You) said this about McDonald and Lawlor:

“The two co-sponsors of the bill, Andrew McDonald and Michael Lawlor, are both practicing homosexuals. While cloaked in the garment of demanding fiscal transparency, the real doctrinal intention of the bill is unmistakable.”

N. B. The above quote was discovered during the research for this essay. A message from someone stating he was representing the web site G.A.Y. has disputed its authenticity.

Now WHAT could that mean?

These two have also joined forces to introduce and push the state’s Civil Unions law. There is every reason to believe one of the possible “improvements” to the way the Catholic Church in Connecticut conducts Her operations might softening the Church’s position on gay conduct.

What else could it be?

This is a sign of the ever growing boldness of the militant homosexual lobby and its determination to attack its enemies from behind Obama’s socialist shield. Deep Blue States will see more of these kind of attacks on Pro-Family organizations like the Catholic Church as the months of this calendar year unfold.

To maintain our culture we must keep watch and be ready to push back when the time comes.

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