Commentary by Linda: America, Land of Barbarianism

Barbarian: 1. A man in his rude, savage state; 2. A cruel, savage, brutal man..destitute of pity or humanity(Noah Webster, America Dictionary of the English Language, 1828 edition)

America has fallen deeply away from her Judeo-Christian foundations, and has in fact, degenerated into a new paganism that is something far less than its ancient counterpart. Whereas the old paganism had a sense of piety, the natural instinct to respect something greater than yourself, today's paganism is arrogant, shameless, immoral, without truth, and completely self-centered.

Peter Kreeft, esteemed Christian apologist and scholar, characterizes the new paganism as "the virtual divinization of man, the religion of man as the new God....The new paganism is situational and pragmatic. It says we are the makers of moral values....It recognizes no divine revelation. The new paganism's favorite Scripture is 'judge not.' The only judgement is the judgement against judging. The only thing wrong is the idea that there is a real wrong." (Peter Kreeft, Comparing Christianity and the New Paganism)

Many gods, many moralities, many truths---this is really polytheism.

In fact, the new polytheism is really barbarianism. America then, is swiftly disintegrating under the destructive effects of a modern barbarianism wherein each barbarian worships his own mind and views himself as a morally autonomous godman or goddess.

A peculiarity of today's barbarianism is an emphatic, even rabid, denial of history and the lessons it offers. Today's barbarians routinely deny history while simultaneously mocking those who seek its lessons. Modern barbarians flee truth and reality like demons flee the cross.

Fleeing truth, America now drowns under a massive and ever-growing matrix of interlocking lies. From small lies to Big Lies, Americans have lost touch with what is real and true and what is not. Growing paranoia, delusion, distrust, hysteria, anger, frustration, blame----all of these disintegrative conditions are the consequences of our rejection of truth.

Noah Webster defines a civilization as a "state of being refined in manners, from the grossness of savage life." A civilization is also a society marked by order, rule, and government. By this definition, America is not civilized.

Increasingly rude, boorish, narcissistic, greedy, degenerate, hedonistic, amoral and lawless, America is a barbarically cruel land where people routinely kill babies and are now taking aim at the elderly and mentally unsound. Morally upside-down, America is a land where liberty is now license, vice is virtue, lie is truth, and the abnormal and unnatural are the new norms.

In barbarian America, tradition----everything good, everything virtuous, everything true and real, and everything beautiful---is mocked, scorned, and blasphemed, as are the defenders of tradition. Barbarianism----that is what America has degenerated into.

What will follow from this? Tyranny, says George Washington:

"Arbitrary power is most easily established on the ruins of liberty abused to licentiousness." --George Washington, Circular to the States, 9 May 1753

A very wise man once said, "There is nothing new...what once was will be again."

In the beginning, after the fall, barbarianism reigned. Hence: "As it was in the beginning, so it will be in the end."