Virginia Teaparty: Thousands Preparing to Protest Gov't Irresponsibility

Norfolk, VA – Following the lead of CNBC’s Rick Santelli’s call for a “Chicago Tea Party”, DontGo Movement, Smart Girl Politics, and Top Conservatives on Twitter worked together to successfully organize over 50 protests across the nation, where over 30,000 people attended. Those were basically “spontaneous”, last minute efforts…organized in literally days. Building on the success of those February 27th Tea Parties, the word went out from those sponsors about organizing Tax Day Tea Parties, and asking for volunteers in any/every city in the USA. That grassroots effort is called “Nationwide Tax Day Tea Party” (

Presently Michelle Malkin, Dana Loesch, GOPUSA and American Solutions are co-sponsoring the movement.

The Tax Day Tea Party has been taking the nation by storm; to date, there are over 120 cities with confirmed events nationwide.

“Here in Virginia, we are planning events that will touch every corner of the Commonwealth,” said Virginia Tea Party Coordinator Coby Dillard. “It’s important for those in Virginia who are displeased with the fiscal irresponsibility displayed by both political parties in Washington and Richmond have a voice to express their frustrations and concerns. On April 15, that voice will be heard.”

Richmond Area Coordinator Sara James said “This is an opportunity for citizens to exercise their right to protest their government’s growing, insurmountable debt caused by spending on special interest ‘pork’ projects.” Northwest Virginia Coordinator William Hay added “I am finding that there are a lot more people who feel like I do than I ever would have thought. We can no longer wait for someone else to take action on our behalf, and it’s important that we get out and take our message to the people. Hampton Roads Coordinator Karen Hurd concluded “Our representatives are not listening to us on the bailout, TARP, the “stimulus“ bill, and now the 3+ trillion dollar budget. We in effect have ‘taxation without representation.’ ”

WHAT: Tax Day Tea Party

DATE: Wednesday, April 15, 2009

WHERE/WHEN: Virginia Beach-Virginia Beach Town Center, 11 am - 1 pm Charlottesville-Downtown Mall by City Hall, 3 pm – 5 pm Richmond-Kanawha Plaza, 6 pm – 8 pm